Wearing the same long dress on more than one night

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as the heading says, is it acceptable to wear the same dress a couple of nights, I have bought a lovely long black beaded dress and want to enjoy wearing it!!! I have three short cocktail dresses as well as dressy slacks and tops so will have enough to have something different each night but our cruise is the only time I'm going to get to wear it,
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I would say if you are happy in it then why not! Maybe different accessories to give it a diffetent look if you wanted, but to be honest I doubt anyone would even notice! Whatever you do, Enjoy!

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My philosophy. No one knows me!. Go for it.

Did the same thing on a recent cruise. Told 2 formal nights, but there were 3, so one frock worn twice. Did it bother me, not in the slightest.
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Are you worried that someone you have never heard of or spoken to may tell someone a thousand miles from where you live that they saw a woman wear the same dress twice? Because if so, stop worrying. They won't know it's you.
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I say go for it and wear your dress as many times as you want to.
On our last cruise I took 3 long dresses because we had 3 formals but wore one of them twice and did not wear the 3rd at all. The reason I did this was I wore the black one ( my favourite ) on the first formal night not thinking about later in the cruise so on the black and white night I was stuck with a royal blue long dress which I did not want to wear that night. I never considered that anyone might be interested enough in me to note what I was wearing.

Enjoy your cruise and don't worry about other people's opinions.
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No one will notice ....I often double up, but if you want to make it a bit different add different jewellery or accessories. Enjoy feeling good in your lovely dress
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Blokes do it all the time. Does anyone ever comment on all the men wearing the same DJ on every formal night no.

Go and enjoy. Dress sounds lovely by the way.
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You enjoy wearing the dress as many times as you want to.
Feel glamorous and have fun. No one will notice you’ve worn it before - unless they admired you wearing it the first time.
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OVer the years I've trimmed my formal clothes down to one black long dress, and various evening trousers and tops. No-one notices, or if they do, then they're probably not my sort of people. I go for the itinerary, not the dressing up, and find others who think the same. These limited outfits cover each formal evening on a month's cruise.
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Over the years I suppose I've gathered formal dresses that I only wear on cruises so I like to wear something different every night but tbh the only person who'll know that you're wearing the same dress twice is you so don't worry.
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I have long dresses from previous cruises a few years ago, do a lot of ladies still adhere to wearing long dresses. I have got a few cocktail dresses that I am going to take for formal nights, still considering whether to take a long dress help!.
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Originally posted by Mitzi_Muffin
I have long dresses from previous cruises a few years ago, do a lot of ladies still adhere to wearing long dresses. I have got a few cocktail dresses that I am going to take for formal nights, still considering whether to take a long dress help!.

I personally don’t wear long dresses as I’m very short! So always worn a cocktail style dress and haven’t felt out of place. I have noticed many ladies in long dresses also so I really think it’s up to your personal taste.

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I've got a couple of full length dresses that I wear on formal nights - only chance that I get to wear them and I love the opportunity to get them out.