Opera March 11 - 18 Part 2

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Note: I have received an email from MSC pertaining to the kids program. It stated they were shocked and wanted an opportunity to check into it further. I will post once I get a reply.

Part 2

The pool deck area is one of the biggest we have encountered and again it was kept spotless. The pools where never busy and you could always find a chair. The chairs are really different with a small canopy that folds over. I did see a couple of these chairs collapse on people so be careful with them. They are a little complicated to operate as odd as that sounds.

The eating schedule was fine overall. I was very concerned about going a couple of hours without anywhere to eat anything but I managed just fine. The times where not an issue. Also there was a restaurant manager who was all over that buffet restaurant from early in the morning to late at night. The guy was a machine and he was truly a professional. He greeted everyone with hello and was clearing tables, carrying coffee, supervising the staff and whipping down the buffet. Really impressive. I did have a hamburger and hot dog okay more than one and pizza was also good.

The actual meals in the dinning room where good. My wife read the recent review about the pumpkind creation and she couldn’t have agreed more. Our waiter as previously mentioned was excellent. I told him that my record for Lobster where 6 so get ready. The night of Lobster he said he was ready to help me beat the record. Unfortunately the Lobster tail had some sort of breaded stuffing covering which I didn’t care for so no record breaking Lobster evening happened. I thought the food was very similar to the food any of the other ships we have sailed on. Some things where better some not so good but overall not bad at all.

We found the exercise room to be really small. Not that I bother going in there for any reason other than to report on it. You actually had to sign up to use the equipment. I am not sure if the really exercise buffs really enjoyed the cruise as I know the runners had difficulty dodging people on the running deck which was covered in deck chairs.

Entertainment. : I was not that impressed with the shows overall other than for the talent of some of these young kids. Most of these kids are really good. The shows however where all over the place by that I mean different entertainers just seem to pop up with no real connection with what was happening. Or maybe I missed the connections. They had a magician or comedian on board who was not that funny. They also had the guy with the two balls on strings which was on the Romantica on our 2nd cruise 8 years ago. Same act by knocking a cigarette out of somebody’s mouth, I am really sorry but how MSC can put this guy in the same league as some of these young singers and dancers is beyond me. You just can’t.

The pool parties at night where well run and having the miss Italia contest was really interesting. The Baseball greats were also a highlite. I am not a baseball fan but was impressed with the way these guys did not hesitate to interact with the customers. They were all a really class act.

Drinks on this ship where really expensive. If I remember right they were approximately $7.50 a glass. Beer was $17.50 a bucket. When we stopped in St Martin I purchased two bottles of rum and took them on board with absolutely no problem

The internet cafe was $6.00 for 10 minutes. The only problem is you are warned the keyboard is italian. Which slowed me down a bit as I struggled to find the @ symbol which was different than your standard key board. Once I got rolling though I got to send my message. Only $14.00 to send one message. I was not giving up till I got it sent so its my fault.

Stay Tuned for Part 3 - Shore excursions.
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Originally posted by MartyC
Note: I have received an email from MSC pertaining to the kids program. It stated they were shocked and wanted an opportunity to check into it further. I will post once I get a reply.
Thank you for your fair all round review MartyC. I am curious over the 'problem' you had with the kids programme. We have been on 3 MSC cruises, Melody, Lirica & Armonia, and on each occasion there has been an excellent programme for younger kids and although not so much for the teens, there were always meets, special sports comps, teens discos etc arranged, and both my children have always enjoyed participating, and making friends with non-english speakers they find is part of the fun.

However these were Med cruises and there is always an abundance of children aboard; I understand from reviews here that in the main from Florida, unless it is a holiday period, children are few. Cruising is more of a whole family experience in the Med, from babe to great granny

Anyway.. we are off on Monterey shortly; determined to sail her before she really does disappear for good. Although very elderley and lacking in modern entertainment rock walls, ice rinks, wave machines and all that jazz, my children [15 & 10] are delighted to be going. I am sure there will be some sort of a children's programme, as it's over Easter in the Med.. if not, then my kids will enjoy the pool, ports and still make friends with others... I hope

I look forward to seeing what comments MSC make re your review.
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Who did you e-mail at MSC? Can you provide me with an e-mail address? I e-mailed Rick Sasso directly regarding my concerns, but have yet to receive a response. Many Thanks RD
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Since you cruised with chidren perhaps I may ask you this question:
On board the Opera, what was available in the way of English Television channels (ie. teletoon etc ) for children?

Also, regarding the issue you had with the childrens program: were you still able to leave your chidlren at the childrens centre and there was simply no activities available for them there OR were you not able to leave them there period?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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Hey Wendy, So great to hear from you!!!!

Just thinking about an economical cruise and wondering if this cruise ship offers any tv programming for kids. Thinking about a Christmas 2007 cruise.

FYI, there is a Ptbo. DIS meet planned for June. More details on DIS Canadian board!!!
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The kids program is really non existant on the Opera. If you have any thoughts of taking kids, honestly this is not the ship for you. I don't remember any television programs specifically for kids, I do remember that there were a lot of kids on our sailing and nothing for them to do. We were actually surprised at the number of kids. Some hung out together but then you have supervision problems. The kids center was really a room ( small in comparison to other cruise lines ) with very little in it. I did do lots of research on the kids program on MSC before booking and received faxes and emails from MSC telling me all about the kids program that really was not true. I have emailed MSC for an explanation on how they could mis lead customers sending false information. I really don't think the head office and the ships are on the same page when it comes to the Kids program. When the VP of hotel operations sends you an email with the details of the kids program and councellor on board states... without hesitation .. that head office doesnt have a clue ..... there is a major disconnect. I am making a point of checking this MSC site on a regular basis to answer any questions so I can possibly save some unsuspecting person expecting a great kids program some trouble.