Finally Starting to Pack -- Please Review my Outfits

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Cruise Fashions & Beauty

Deck yourself out for your next cruise! What clothes should you bring, and what should stay at home. Offer up packing tips, and savvy shopping info, too
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We leave Sunday so I'm down to the wire on packing now! I think it is so hard for me to pack because I like having lots of choices and being able to wear what I feel like and obviousy can't take the whole closet with me!

Anyway, we are doing a 5-night cruise to Bermuda on the RCI Voyager so there will be one formal night, one smart casual and 3 casual nights. Here is my list:

Dinner Wear:

Black cocktail dress/cream pashmina wrap

Black/White silk print skirt/ Black dressy sweater

Purple silk floral sleeveless sundress

White Pants/Black sleeveless top

Black capri pants/Hot pink top
(will also take plain black skirt as an alternate)


Black capris/white fitted tee (flight and embarkation day)

2 pairs khaki shorts

1 khaki skort

1 khaki capris

Pink paisley skirt

4 t-shirts

4 sleeveless tops

4 swimsuits


athletic running shorts/t-shirt

Misc: shoes, jewelry, underwear, sleepwear

Does all of the above sound appropriate? Am I forgetting something?
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That sounds about right to me, but then again, I am easy to please!
Have fun.
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I wish my list was that organzied and concise!! The only thing I didn't see on your list that is sitting n my floor waiting to be packed is a hat or visor and that may be included in your misc. category. Have a great time! We leave Sunday as well on our first cruise on the Conquest!
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You forgot toiletries, evening bag for formal night (if you use one), suntan lotion, aloe vera gel, curling iron (if you need one). You might want to put together a first aid kit including bandaids, antibiotic cream (like Polysporin), pain reliever (Tylenol, Advil, whatever you use), Immodium, Gravol. You can put these in a Ziplock bag. Don't forget any prescription meds you might me currently taking and make sure they are labelled as such. Don't want you getting pulled over at customs and immigration trying to explain the pills you have in an unmarked container are prescription pills and not narcotics (yes, this has happened - not to me though). Have a great cruise!
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Outfits sound lovely but I think you are taking too much for 5 days. Set aside one dinner outfit,one pair of shorts and a tshirt and one pair of slacks w/ top! Once you pack all the other things...see if you've really got the room for those other things. It sounds like many could be alternately matched since they are same color. Have a fun cruise!
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Hi I have a question about your outfit for the far are you traveling?
Just want to make sure you are comfy I prefer to wear something not "fitted"
but that is just me.....unless of course you are not going far. Just remember, comfort is key (especially on a long flight).

But it looks like you have your outfits down pat! Suntan, I think she was
just asking about the clothing items...but then again, I could be wrong.
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I would cut back on the day wear a bit. On sea days, most people stick with swimwear and I would imagine at least 2 out of your 5 days is on the way to Bermuda and back.
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Other than your toiletries and incidentals, your packing list sounds fine to me. You might be able to leave home one day time outfit and two of the bathing suits, though.

I usually find it harder to pack for a shorter cruise than a longer one. I'm prone to wearing clothes twice, but with fewer days, there just isn't the same opportunity to use the laundry/dry cleaning service. Then, you need all the same toiletries, brushes, blow dryers, lotions etc...that you will need for a longer trip.

I hope you have a wonderful cruise!