Celebrity Silhouette - 12/1/2013 Transatlantic

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Cruising is one of the best vacation experiences for those cruising alone -- learn more here, or just share your experiences cruising by your lonesome!
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Originally posted by kmd
Any solos booked on this cruise?
Me,well most of the time!
Am travelling with a relative on this trip,do our "own thing" but meet up for dinner.
Seem to be all couples on the roll call.
Lets get together for a coffee or cocktail.
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Originally posted by Escape5215
I'm in for either...solo, too.

Hi Steve & any other "solos"out there.How about drinks at one of the out side bars at sail away ?
New Orleans, LA. USA
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Hi Sue and Steve! I'll meet you at the pool bar at sail away!

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Hi Karyn & Steve.
Took a last minute look at our roll call & saw a short "solo list" thought Id post our meet there,would be nice if a few more people joined in.
Anyway,look forward to meeting you both VERY soon.
Have you packed ? My living room looks like a bomb site with clothes everywhere
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Hi Karyn & Steve.
Just had a look at the chat on our roll call & it seems there is already a "meet arranged at "the sunset bar" at the same time ????
Don't want to confuse things too much,but should we change our venue to the sunset bar (where ever that may be )& meet there at 5.00
Please both of you post here,to let me know whether you agree.
Not long now.
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I'm a solo traveling on the Silhouette. I've done solo a number of times. Dinner seems to be the most awkward time. On my last cruise a group of us would meet for dinner at 8:30. We had a table reserved for 8 solos and whoever showed up sat with us. It was great-- we ate with a couple of new people each night-- got to meet many other solos this way.

Look forward to meeting you all.

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