"LIVE" from the Voyager 10-02-05 to Bermuda from Cape Liberty

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Originally posted by coolshop

I was wondering, are there really signs stating this, or is this something that you need to read in the Compass? I never got around to looking to see if there were signs.

But, in general I guess my answer is that the kids didn't seem to be a problem.
Thanks, coolshop

On our trip on the Enchantment a few years back, there was a sign prominently displayed at the edgeof the Solarium pool opposite the bar. Thanks for the info!
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Originally posted by bobbie0253
Those are some awesome pics! What camera do you use? I have to ask about the pictures of the bow of the the ship. There are two that are so vivid. What setting if any did you use on your camera? Did you use a tripod? Do you use a program to adjust your pics?


Thanks for the compliments. I use a Panasonic Lumix FZ10


I believe at that time I had on a Circular Polarizer filter, since we were at the beach that day. I normally use this filter when shooting beach or ocean on a bright day. It is for outdoor photography; deepens intensity of blue skies; reduces or eliminates glare.

As far as the setting, I normally leave the camera on the auto setting. But I will experiment before shooting the picture by spot metering on the sky, which will often intensify the sky and ocean colors.

I don't think those bow pictures were adjusted (I assume you are talking about the ones that show the lines where the ship is tied to the dock?). I was not using a tripod.
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Hello Everyone.....

I just wanted to post a few pictures of the debarkation.....

I debarked at about 10:30AM....and after a quick trip to the passenger terminal to pick up my luggage, I was in my car at 10:45, and on the NJ Turnpike at 11AM

There wasn't really any type of Immigration check , like in Port Canaveral or Miami. There was however someone from Customs to take my customs form. The whole debark process was very smooth and quick.

I think that RCI has improved debarkation from what I've read from last year at this Port.


Rainy debarkation day as viewed from the Viking Crown Lounge

Getting ready to load supplies for next week.....

Final view of the Voyager of the Seas from the Shuttle

Busy Passenger Pickup and Arrival Area

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