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A place for cruisers to share their stories of how to lose weight before a cruise. Virtual snacks allowed, but only in small quantities.
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Did you enjoy the show? I always have to get the popcorn too. This last time I got in free because I have a card and it had enough time on it to get in without paying. The next time I go too will be free since they sent me a coupon for my birthday.

I went for the pedicure with my friend today, we were the only two there. When the gal asked me if I wanted something to drink I said yes, wine. She laughed and laughed. So instead I got hot tea. It was very nice and my toes look good too.

Then we went to a new grocery store a few towns south. It was still their grand opening and they had lots of specials. Got a quart of strawberries for 1.99, blueberries for 98 cents, corn on the cob for 8 cents each. Have never seen a grocery store like that. Has 2 or 3 hot bars, salad bars, cheese bars just everything you could think of. We have so very little with just Walmart. Probably will ot go there much because too far, but if I am in that town I will definitely stop.

Think I am going to try to wait on the grass till Thursday because I have the massage scheduled for Friday and I could sure use it after bouncing around for 4 hrs on the mower.

Went out side a bit ago and there was a baby robin in the garage that couldn't fly but was hoping around. When the mother and father saw me they started squawking and flying around. I got it out of the garage and into the grass so hopefully it will be able to fly before a hawk sees it.

That's too bad about the fellow having heart attack. You just never know what tomorrow will bring.
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Sharon, for me not being a regular show goer like yourself, I found it to be very funny. I Never laughed so hard before. What kind of a card do you have where you can get in for free?

You went during the morning and I always go after work. I would not be drinking wine in the morning either. But after work it is very relaxing.

So when you are cutting the grass, do you have a riding
mower of a stand up type of mower. Four hours is an awful lot of time to be out there.

Yes, those robins do really protect their young. If you ever get close to them the parents will dive bomb you for sure.

Now there has been movement in team members so this team we are playing will not have to forfeit tonight. So now we are playing tonight. It should be a nice night tonight as far as the weather goes.


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