I would hate eating right in front of a mirror like that.

On the Pride recently, first night in MDR we were put at a larger table with two other couples, which went well. Next night, we were automatically assigned a table for two. Following night, we were assigned a table for four with a terrific couple. Back to the original six again after that, sometimes at larger tables with new folks. Seemed a bit arbitrary at the whim of the host, but worked out very well overall.
The veal chop at Candles was awesome! My mom had the filet mignon, which she couldn't finish. I had the only alcohol onboard at Candles, seeing as how it was a special occasion: $12/glass with tip quite reasonable. Sadly, we were underwhelmed by the dessert that night, some sort of mango-orange mousse I believe?
We took four excursions, so missed lunch on those days. The ones I did attend were fine, with an attempt to avoid standard cafeteria fare with items such as shepherds pie, and curry chicken. Dessert in MDR, I tended to stick with ice cream, having soup as the first course.
One day, we returned just as lunch was over, so had sandwiches in the Yacht Club(?) which I didn't really care for. Also, I found the staff there far less friendly than the rest of the ship.