Anyone tried Garcinia Cambogia??

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Lose Before You Cruise
A place for cruisers to share their stories of how to lose weight before a cruise. Virtual snacks allowed, but only in small quantities.
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Fort Worth, TX
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I purchased garcinia cambogia at my Medifast center, so I trust the quality. Just started using it yesterday, so no track record to report.

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Originally posted by LadyShan
I also use probiotics and digestive enzymes daily.

Originally posted by Krimson
Try digestive enzymes and probiotics. The probiotics maintain good gut health and the digestive enzymes break down the food so your body will push it on through. They really helped me when I was dieting before, and they seem to be helping this time around.

Can you tell me which brands you both use? I've tried more than a few probiotics and enzyme pills and I usually don't see any major change. They are usually so expensive so I don't want to just throw away $$$.

Thank YOU
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Fort Worth, TX
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I use Essential 1 Digestive Health. I buy it at the Medifast Center, but it can also be ordered online at

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Just be careful in buying them. I bought some from a site for a trial period and it was suppose to be $10.00. When they came nothing but 2 bottles in the box so I just decided not to use them and threw them in the closet. When I received my credit card bill a few weeks later they had charged me the $10.00 plus an extra 189.00 because I did not cancel in 14 days from ordering. I also did not see that they send them every month so I had another 189.00 amount pending for 2 more bottles. So they were charging me over $300.00 for four bottles of diet pills. It took awhile to dispute the charges.
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In my research for getting the best solution for weight loss I have found a blog and from this blog I've accessed the landing page and I saw a natural supplement which is good for weight loss but it's a cleanse detox. It isn't a simple weight loss supplement.

The choices are hard to make:

1. Cleanse Detox ?

2. Garcinia Cambogia ?

3. Forskolin ?

It's anyone which can help me with info ?
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I've tried losing weight with Garcinia Cambogia, not worth it. I took it for several weeks and it didn't help me at all. Then I switched to Reductil. I have to say that it works much better than garcinia cambogia. Within the first 3 weeks of taking it, I lost 3.6 kg. It definitely helps curb my appetite, and helps me to be satisfied with smaller portions. I'm really happy with my progress - although I have a long way to go. I bought them from Delivery was fast, efficient, and order was well packaged. Definitely will place any more orders with them !!
Good luck !
North Carolina
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The junk science in this thread makes me heart hurt. Dr. Oz is a scam artist and you should definitely not trust whatever mystery concoction du jour he is pushing.

Re: "Cleanses." Cleanses are NOT GOOD FOR YOU. Basically anything that mentions getting rid of "toxins" is a huge red flag—that's what your liver and kidneys are for, people, and they don't need any help. Doing a cleanse is committing to a low-calorie all-liquid diet for however many weeks, no more, no less. You'd lose the same amount of weight with a lot less suffering by eating 1200 calories of pizza every day.

I highly recommend the episode of the "Oh no, Ross and Carrie" podcast that deals with the topic of cleanses. It's pure pseudoscience and so are many of the popular weight loss supplements on the market.

Save your money, guys. Download MyFitnessPal and count your calories. Eat less, move more. There's no pill or magic cleanse that will make the weight come off any faster than it would if you just ate at a moderate caloric deficit, and you won't have to suffer through a liquid diet of cayenne pepper and honey.
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hello, i have tried garcinia Cambogia since nearly 3 months and i am very happy with my results. I know people say this or that. There is always a side effects with stuff going out of the science labs. but i do have good results, i am a mom of 3 and very busy schedule. my last baby is now 14 months and i am back to my M size. Which i did not wear since years. I take this pil one hour before eating and full of energy, i changed my diet as soon as i started to take it. So yes, it is worth it. There is never results with at least min of period of time that you have to take it. Results: i fit now in size M, when i was L. I sleep better, more active with 3 kids on my own and also i control my diet. my secret, i take it with a happy mood because all depends on my mood or positive emotions.
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I did not try Garcinia Cambogia in particular, but i have got some experince with other supplelements. Most of them did not do anything for me regarding weight loss but i was able to achieve some fair resulats with the support of
You could try this as it is available online here.