6-29-17 Thursday Weigh-In posting..Know It's Early!

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Lose Before You Cruise
A place for cruisers to share their stories of how to lose weight before a cruise. Virtual snacks allowed, but only in small quantities.
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Going away for a few days what a delight
Won't be home till Friday night

So want this ready for you on Thursday
Then you can weigh-in and go your way

Know July 4th is on Tuesday this year
Hope you have some fun planned far or near

Enjoy the BBQ's, fireworks.. whatever you like
Just have a fun and be safe maybe ride a bike

So enjoy the weekend and Tuesday
Happy 4th Of July.. this is all I have to Say
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Weight is the same but I realized yesterday I'm fitting into 1 pair of pants and 2 pairs of shorts that doesn't for a month ago! Non scale victory for me! Planning to stay on track and not indulge for the holiday. Will be traveling g do thays always a challenge. 53 days to cruising so no room for excuses! 20lbs to go

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sailed...Carnival Ecstasy 8/2017
next up... Disney World on dry land
then... Carnival Conquest 1/2018!
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I lost 3 lbs. this week. Have fun Belle!
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Down 2 to 196 - heading in the right direction but man trying to keep to good eating is challenging me more than ever.

Early fireworks this Saturday at the ballgame, going to try like heck to stay the course again and avoid the beer stands.

Have a good weekend all.
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I lost 2 and got slimmer of the month at class! Trouble is I am still 2 short of losing the cruise gain and have gone and booked 5 days in Spain next week!!!! I am determined I will not gain weight on this little impromptu getaway.. We shall see.....
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Belle, have a nice getaway.

I stayed the same, I'll take it. We're all doing well so far.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July.

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Down 2.6 lbs this week. Finally back to my pre-cruise weight!
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Bridgeport, WV
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Afternoon folks. Down 5 this week for me somehow. We'll see if it sticks. Still 19 to go unfortunately but I've still got til November so I'm happy for now. Hope everyone is doing well. About time to hit the treadmill. Will check in later.

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Down 4 lbs this week so only 2 lbs to my goal for our cruise but I am going to keep going anyhow as I have more I want to lose.
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Happy Friday everyone, see some great results from all of you.. I am UP 7lbs..from last week after our cruise and going out to eat pre cruise and then again last night post cruise... I walked and even went to the fitness center and still gained more than I thought.. Oh well enjoyed every minute and dessert and frappacino and of course the self serve ice cream... Bermuda was just as beautiful as ever. Going to get back to it as we sail again in 3 months time... Take care and have a wonderful weekend Rob
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Down 4lbs. About 4.5 lbs to goal weight. Kudos to everyone that lost this week. Hooray to those that stayed the same. For those that lost inches I'll take that any day. For those who gained shake it off and refocus. Next week's weigh-in will end in a loss. Everyone have a great weekend and a bang of a holiday!
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Originally posted by renjrusa
Happy Friday everyone, see some great results from all of you.. I am UP 7lbs..from last week after our cruise and going out to eat pre cruise and then again last night post cruise... I walked and even went to the fitness center and still gained more than I thought.. Oh well enjoyed every minute and dessert and frappacino and of course the self serve ice cream... Bermuda was just as beautiful as ever. Going to get back to it as we sail again in 3 months time... Take care and have a wonderful weekend Rob
I know what you mean. Thats why we go is to enjoy every minute. 7lbs on a 7day was routine for me for a long time. It comes off quick fortunately! Happy cruising and good luck prepping for the next one.

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WOW.. Some Great Loss's this week!

Those of us that stayed the same LEAST WE DIDN'T HAVE A GAIN. ( I stayed the same too)

The gain was for a good reason.. A CRUISE!
You'll get it off soon. Bet most is WATER WEIGHT!

Hope everyone has a good weekend be it a 2,3,4
day weekend.

Happy Canada Day today July 1st.. Jo and who else it might apply to.
Happy 4th of July to all of us that celebrate this day.
Those that live in the UK or else where you can
CELEBRATE with us ALL both Days! Why not?
Mesa, AZ
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Saturday started out at the golf range...

And ended up at the baseball game...

Where this happened...

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shootr.. You sure had a fun and busy day. Do
you have Monday and Tuesday off to have
more fun?

Life and weight have their problems!!

Start of my trip, get in the car.. car is dead.
Need a new battery. So 2 1/2 hrs late in leaving.

Now.. WHY AND HOW? I gained more weight in 2 1/2 days gone then I did on the 30 day cruise.
What the heck?

I know no one said life is fair or easy!

OK no more venting.
.. Everyone have a FUN 4th of JULY! Stay Safe!
3 hours east of Toronto
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HI all!

I thought I'd already checked in but hadn't. I was down 0.8 lbs so nothing as good as a lot of you & not even back to my precruise weight yet but I'm not sweating it.

Have a nice 4th of July. I didn't take part in any of our Canada Day celebrations as the weather looked iffy, We're getting a lot of rain this year.
Prince Charles & Camilla were at a park about an hour from here but I didn't go there either thinking it would be too crowded.

~ Jo ~
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Mesa, AZ
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Man, it's hard to have one without the other...

Happy Independence Day everyone!
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