7-20-17 Thursday Weigh-In...

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Lose Before You Cruise
A place for cruisers to share their stories of how to lose weight before a cruise. Virtual snacks allowed, but only in small quantities.
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First off ..Hope everyone is safe and sound where you live
Fires, Heat, Rain and Floods all my good wishes to give

Now time to see how our healthy eating and exercise did this week
Did it help us lose weight and inches lost that we seek

Sometimes the scale makes us happy other times sad
We keep going because we would like to be healthy and glad

This group is doing very good.. losing or staying the same
If you gain you get if off as soon as you can you don't play games

So "guys and gals" your the best You get an A on life's test
Mesa, AZ
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I'm here, just getting back on track after (another, sigh) derailment, lol.

201 this morning after completely losing it at a family reunion last week and utter lack of regular exercise the past couple weeks. So, now it's a quick trip to Hawaii end of August for my son's officer commissioning ceremony - so I'll try again to be good and get down to a better weight and try to stay there. Did get walking and swimming in, but not enough to offset bad eating, snacking, and alcohol.

Beer, that darn beer. I'm hooked on Guinness after the Ireland trip, and talk about worthless calories! (OK, not totally worthless, but definitely unneeded).

Great to see all the successes and honesty the past couple weeks - well done all! Thanks for keeping the flame burning Belle - even though I don't have a cruise coming up - this is still the most effective accountability tool I have, period.

EDIT: My favorite snap from the reunion - I was designated photographer...

And the one that snaps me back to reality...

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Roseville, CA USA
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Thanks for the thread Belle.

I am stuck.......stayed the same........again. Better than gaining I know.

Shootr, great pics. You'll get the weight off soon.

Have a great week everyone.

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Only down .5 this week. Ugh. I need to start working out more and drink less wine.

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Bridgeport, WV
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Hey everyone! I was down 4 this week. So I'm happy with that. I have two goals I'm trying to meet. One is another 5lbs by my birthday in a couple weeks (which I've more or less given up on) and the other is the cruise weight goal I set after last cruise which would be around 30lbs from June to Nov. ( it's still in play fortunately!).

shootr, I had to give up drinking long ago, but I'm very thankful I never had a taste for Guinness! That always seemed to me like downing a loaf of bread every glass. Good luck with your efforts!

Missy and Diana, hang in there! Same is always better than going up!

Belle, just noticed you have been on CC longer than I have! That's really cool, it seems I rarely come across that.

Have a great week!


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Hi all, cant remember when I last posted here! Haven't been on here much without a cruise booked, well that changed today, I booked a 14 night Western Caribbean one for my 40th birthday (Jan 2019)... only 533 days to go!!!!! lol

I have still been losing, even with a little trip to Spain 2 weeks ago, I managed not to let it be the free for all I normally go for. This week I lost a solitary pound but that pound puts me back to where I was 10 weeks ago before my 21 pound gain on the Alaska cruise... So am ready to get further on with my journey now!

Keep at it

Lorna x
pittsburgh pa
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I am finally getting back on track. I only have 220 days so I need to get cracking. This week lost just one lb. This week I will do better. My goal is 50lbs. I've had a hard time with working night shift but found preparing my meals ahead really helps.
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Hi all, another week of brutal hot and humid temps at work here in CT...Am down another 1lb, didn't get to the gym much but got lots of exercise with the grands in the pool.. Congrats to everyone who not only lost but those who continue to try and make an effort to eat healthier.
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Down another 4 lbs this week which puts me 3 lbs below the goal I set for our cruise next week. Woohoo! Now on to the last 37 lbs that I want to drop to get to the overall weight I want to get down to.
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Bridgeport, WV
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Originally posted by Marine91
Down another 4 lbs this week which puts me 3 lbs below the goal I set for our cruise next week. Woohoo! Now on to the last 37 lbs that I want to drop to get to the overall weight I want to get down to.

Yeah, but you can worry about that when you get home. Enjoy your cruise! And congrats on hitting your goal!

Bridgeport, WV
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Lost 1 lb. Finally lost the 27 lbs I gained from Oct.-Mar. Cruise is next week. Hopefully it won't take me as long as it did last time to get back on track.
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Hello Loser's (in a good way)

Shootr.. Welcome Back! Glad you had fun at your reunion.
Know you'll lose weight before you go to Hawaii. Congrats to your son.

Diana.. Yes it's better than a gain. I keep telling myself that.
Are you all moved in now? It's hotter there then your old town?
You get to cruise soon. Sept.

Missy.. You had a loss. Be happy. Yes it's not right but can
gain with wine because seem to eat more with it! They go

Mike.. Great loss! No matter what you lose by your birthday
It's a loss. Bet you'll meet your goal for Nov.
Yes been here since 2000. Sure have more numbers but one time
fixing Cruise Critic we lost are numbers. But I was only two when
I started..so still very young!

Will continue later............
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Lorna.. Nice loss. Congrats on having a cruise booked
for your birthday. Good your back to precruise weight
and didn't over do in Spain.

Melody.. Nice loss. It must be hard eating wise working
a night shift. Preparing meals ahead is good. Know you'll
get weight off before your cruise.

Rob.. Another pound down is good. Yes exercising in the heat is
hard. Exercising in the pool is the BEST! I want a pool!

Marine..Great Loss 4 pounds down. Nice to below the goal
you wanted before your cruise. Cruise next week, lucky!
Bon Voyage!

Cruise42.. Nice loss for you. Congrats on getting off you gained
before your next cruise. Next week too! Your lucky too!
Bon Voyage!

I stayed the same again, happy not a gain but want to lose.
I've got maintaining down pat but want/should be losing.

Everyone have a good weekend and everyone who has a
pool think of us who don't!
Bridgeport, WV
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Originally posted by Belle

Mike.. Great loss! No matter what you lose by your birthday
It's a loss. Bet you'll meet your goal for Nov.
Yes been here since 2000. Sure have more numbers but one time
fixing Cruise Critic we lost are numbers. But I was only two when
I started..so still very young!
Thanks Belle! Not sure why it took me until 2002 to find CC. I'm more of a lurker, so my post count is likely accurate. I've been posting more in the last several months than I have since way back when.
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The weekend is over. Hope everyone enjoyed their days.

Hazy Lazy days of Summer
When you have to work is a Bummer

So Time Off is always Nice
Enjoying it with a drink and Ice
3 hours east of Toronto
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Hi all!

Belle ~ thanks for starting the thread.

Better late than never eh with my reporting. Looks like I'm the only gainer this week, up a pound. Wonder if it was the Chinese buffet that did it or the chocolate! Oh well, better luck this week..

shootr ~ what a little cutie pie in the picture!

Marine91 ~ have a great cruise!

Have a good week, see you Thursday or later.

~ Jo ~
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