interesting info: Vista sep 3-9 sailing...

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There are no winners in this thread, sadly.

OP is angry about a lot of things, including a lost vacation opportunity.

People in the affected area of the cruise port have lost much more, and it sounds like the cruise that was to be would be next to impossible to get to anyway. There would certainly be hazards and risks trying to get to the port,

People on the cruise now have been kept from returning to see the devastation and damage to their properties, albeit in the luxury of a cruise ship. Imagine not knowing if your house still has a roof or not, and no way to find out for sure? Hard to begrudge them a few more days of air conditioning and clean running water.

Whatever Carnival offered, it wouldn't be enough. People will feel what they feel, and few are able to get past their own losses to see the pain of others.

I'm sorry for your lost cruise. I hope when you do book again, everything goes smoothly.

But my sympathy is squarely in the corner of those whose lives have been shattered by the forces of nature.
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- I keep on hoping we'll have cake by the ocean!

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If you were ON the ship..SCORE. (insert envy)

sometimes you're the WINDSHIELD
sometimes you're the BUG

And sometimes your luck/life is such that you are always the bug. (insert Hee Haw song here: if it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all...gloom, despair and agony on me..:raspberry)
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I cannot control the thoughts, feelings, or actions of others. I can only control my response. SOMETIMES.

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Well these Boards have certainly proved one thing, this country is filled with more hateful, self-absorbed, ignorant people than I realized. Luckily, most of the people here greatly outnumber them. My thanks to the good folks on here.
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Just a thought. The people on the ship will be getting extra cruise days, but it's really not free. Because they couldn't make it home they are not at work, thus no pay check.
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Just heard from a crew member on the Vista earlier this evening. He works in the Horizon Dinning Room. The ship headed back out on its modified itinerary today with only 820 passengers on board. So if based on what the OP said about an offer for people to stay on-board from the previous cruise, it doesn't sound like a lot of people took the offer. He didn't say anything about them being existing or new passengers.
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That is a very small number of passengers.
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Should i be mad when i go on a cruise i have to pay for the wife and kids too then ? It cost me anywhere between 2x to 5x the rate for me to enjoy only my share of the cruise. Its so unfair will someone please let me cry on your shoulder why other's throw my pity party ?

OP why do you feel you go screwed ? You are getting a refund and a credit. Ever go to a ball game that gets rained out ? Did you get your money back you paid for parking ? Do you complain when someone get crappy service at a resturant and the server buys them a dessert ? Do you wish you had gotten bad service too, just to get a freebie ?

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Times of crisis will bring out the true colors of a person. The people that complain about every little thing (all first world problems) are the people that we call the "my gold is too heavy" people. They have so much compared to so many but will complain about it all and they are ALWAYS looking for someone that GOT something they didn't. Yes this country has become a very self absorbed, selfish bunch of cry babies for sure.

Thank god there is the other side of coin and these times will also bring out the helpers, the considerate and the kind.
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