I was planning on taking an Uber from our Hotel near Hobby to Galveston and back to Hobby for our Liberty cruise on the 22nd of October. Last week the cruise prices dropped a bunch, so we were able to persuade our In-Laws to go with us as well. Since there are now 6 of us going it means we're probably looking at having to do 2 Ubers or moving up to UberSUV if we want all of us in one vehicle with no baggage concerns.

I did some searching and found https://www.flexlimo.net/. They are quoting $123 (includes tip) each way from Hobby to Galveston for a Chevy Suburban, which would be equivalent to Uber SUV which goes for $180-240. The website looks legit and it says they've been around since 2015, but I can't find any reviews on them.

Anyone have any experience with them?