Alaska cruise-northbound or southbound? Ships to avoid?

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Wasilla, Alaska
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Originally posted by PAKathy
Important part of this cruise is just being together as a family and exposing the grands to the wonders of cruising and of course the beauty and vastness of Alaska.
We have similar priorities. DH and I are taking 2 grandkids (11 years old). Being with them (alone without other family so we can kind of spoil them), exposure to cruising, and seeing a different part of Alaska other than where we all live...those are our priorities!
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Originally posted by j in tx
i am getting overwhelmed researching Alaska cruises. Do any of you have strong feelings about choosing northbound or southbound cruises (pros or cons) ? Also, any ships to avoid? Or consider?
Thanks for any advice!
As a Seattle native I've always preferred the Northbound travel (whether by our WA state ferries to San Juans, Alaska Ferry from Bellingham, WA) or the 1-way cruise to Whittier (from Vancouver) last June. I think the landscape gets "more wild" as you move north, and am not sure if the landscape would be a let-down starting with the awesome Glaciers.
Also - YES to what others have said preferring covered Princess ships; we did Star last June.
And YES to Glacier bay, if possible.

But, MANY folks say do land tour first if doing that.. and rest afterwards. Have fun planning!
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J - I hope you don't mind a fellow Texan jumping in, but it's on the same lines. I booked us the Northern route Vancouver to Whittier then plan on renting a vehicle and doing our own land tour to Denali and maybe Fairbanks. Anyone done this?
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