How "dark" are inside-cabins ?

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Originally posted by Hlitner
Many years ago when we were young and poor we always booked inside cabins. I will admit that I have had some of the best nights (and days) of sleeping in those inside cabins when I had no clue whether it was day or night.
My query was for friends who will be sailing with us and to save fund$ they opted for an inside-cabin.
DW and I started with an outside-cabin (circa mid-70s) and once we booked a balcony... it's strictly Balcony for us.
A suite is on my Bucket-List but... money (or the lack of) gets in the way.
Fortunately/Unfortunately... I have a built-in "clock" where I automatically wake up after 6-hours or so.
I agree with you regarding the International Cafe as my savior.
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I loved the darkness of the inside cabin, slept like a baby! But yeah, definitely pitch black and no way to tell night from day.

Got a balcony room on my second cruise and while I loved the morning sunrise photo opportunities, I definitely didn’t sleep as well (though that could also be because the second time I was with my grandma and she needed to keep the bathroom light on and door opened for the first half of the trip to get to the bathroom. I eventually bought her a torch so I could get some sleep through the night!).
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Very Dark! Some book the insides for total darkness.
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It depends on whether the TV and phone have red LEDs or green ones. If they are green then there is a distinct glow from them which stops the cabin from being pitch black.
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I do the TV routine, works great but also bring the little tea lights from Dollar Tree. I don't need total darkness so I put one on the corner of the desk, keeps me from bumping into it!
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Originally posted by Sailor1959
Are there automatic night-lights in inside-cabins ?
If we turn OFF the lights... will it be pitch dark ?

Yes,definitely pitch dark . Try taking a night light.
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Originally posted by Sailor1959
Are there automatic night-lights in inside-cabins ?
If we turn OFF the lights... will it be pitch dark ?

1) No
2) just about pitch dark a little light from under the cabin door.
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It is dark for sure. No matter the room we are in it’s dark at night. I always leave the bathroom light on with the door slightly open so I don’t break my neck getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Plus, I don’t like pitch black anywhere.

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I remember years ago waking up in my inside cabin feeling fully rested. Looked at my (not smartphone) to see it was 6:30 am. I thought great I can catch the sunrise. Headed up on deck and was surprised to see so many people out and about.

It was actually 9:30 am.

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Inside cabins are as dark as the soul of Sauron as he lurked in Mordor. On our first cruise I figured out on my own to turn the TV to the bridge cam so it got lighter as the sun came up. Otherwise, I was waking up and not knowing if it was the middle of the night or the middle of the day. I bought some really low powered night lights that worked in the bathroom socket and barely provided any light at all. Perfect. The down side to those lights is that every time we booked an inside after that we were upgraded or offered a cheap upsell so have never had an inside cabin again! We've booked them but...
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Last time I had an inside, the first night I woke every 2 hours to look at my smart phone to see if it was morning yet. Second night I put the alarm on for 7.00. If I woke up before it rang I knew it was still night time and to go back to sleep. After it rang I knew it was morning, but could still sleep more if I wanted to.
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Originally posted by moki'smommy

Best tips--bring a night light. Leave bathroom light on and door cracked open.
We bring a night light (without the different sized prongs) and plug it into the shaver outlet inb the bathroom. We do not turn the main bathroom light on. We then leave the bathroom door open a little.

Once your eyes are adjusted to the dark, between the nightlight from the bathroom and the light from under the door to the hallway you can safely find your way from bed to bathroom and back.
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Originally posted by J & G
How dark? Darker than the inside of a cow!
Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.


For the folks who do want dark, like me, an inside cabin isn't all that dark.
There is a lot of light leaking in under and around the door.
I usually pile up some pillows there.

On Grand class ships, there is an annoying green LED in the thermostat.
I usually cover that with a piece of aluminum foil from the nightly chocolate.

On some ships, there is a small light in one of the switch panels.
I usually cover that with foil, as well.

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Originally posted by pablo222
Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.

My favorite quote!
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Originally posted by Sailor1959
My query was for friends who will be sailing with us and to save fund$ they opted for an inside-cabin.
You will not see much of your friends if they have an inside. They'll be sleeping. We loved our inside cave (yes it was pitch black in there) but we lost half the cruise to sleep and we were in the SAME time zone! We've decided we can never get an inside again. We're too weak, and the dark is too relaxing. We ignored all our alarms and snoozed past breakfast, often past lunch, almost every day. On a good note, we certainly came back new.
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Originally posted by Sailor1959
Are there automatic night-lights in inside-cabins ?
If we turn OFF the lights... will it be pitch dark ?

Very! I suggest you bring a small night light if you do not want pitch black and leave it on all night. I wouldn't like it, but that is me. If you can put the TV on and have access to the ships camera- at least you will see the sun come up and some light- The newer ships even have a projection on the wall of inside cabins to resemble a balcony view- so much better.
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One other thing to note, beside the beds are light switches that will allow you to turn off all the lights in the cabin not just the ones beside the bed.

They have come in handy when we have forgotten to turn off the overhead light.
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I have to admit that the inside cabins on the RCCL ships were a lot darker than Regal Princess' inside cabin.
A disclaimer: I am night blind.
DS (6 at the time) slept till 11 in the inside cabin.
When we got a balcony for the first time ever last year, he still slept forever and didn't want to get up even at past 10 am. At home he is up at 8 am on weekends.
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