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Unfortunately on a cruise on board Oriana 2 weeks ago I left a pair of dance shoes in our cabin.

I have reported this to P&O via their website but have heard nothing as yet.

My question is has anyone else left items on board a ship,reported it and been fortunate enough to be reunited with their lost items?
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My husband lost a watch on Britannia, we contacted P&O but had to wait until the ship returned from the following cruise when any lost property is handed into Southampton. We did not get the watch back and assume it was stolen by someone as he new exactly where he had lost it.
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I'm afraid to say I had a similar story on a short cruise on Ventura. Whilst I am 99% sure it was stolen from the cabin at the start of a short cruise, I did go through the rather laborious and uncommunicative P&O process, but it didn't turn up. I think we failed to lock our safe prior to muster (yes I know it was stupid) I think it was taken then as it contained cash, was small and easy to dispose of. It was a lesson learned though, we always make sure all valuables are locked up now and leave no room for foolish trust or complacency P&O tend to go quiet when they are retrieving items, apparently they get huge amounts of lost property, I would be quite hopeful of getting shoes back - don't be afraid to make a nuisance of yourself.

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I left my prescription reading glasses in my cabin and filled in all the required forms etc. Nothing happened
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You can find some information about lost property on the Advice Centre on the P & O website. It says they will only contact you if they have traced your lost item within 21 days. I guess they will not contact you at all if it's not found.
You like to think everyone is trustworthy and honest but sadly there can be unscrupulous people everywhere.
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I was on a Thomson cruise March, 2017, Thomson Dream, Jamaica, Cuba, Mexico, Belize etc.
On the day of disembarkation in Jamaica I found a camera case in an empty lounge, fully equipped with camera and multiple accessories, no name inside.
Also the case contained £130 in Sterling!
I took the camera case to Reception where the contents were checked and I had to sign papers and witness the checking procedure by the Officer in Reception.
From my understanding at Reception this item had already been reported lost by a passenger.
I have never been informed by Thomson that the item was successfully recovered by it's owner.
Likewise, the owner has never contacted me, it wouldn't have been difficult as I had to give all my details at Reception and sign forms as the finder.
A simple " thank you " would have been nice, I certainly would have ensured that this was done if I had been the person who had retrieved my valuable lost property!
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My brother who needs to wear medical prescription sunglasses most of the time....he has had a very serious medical condition of the eye and cannot take sunlight on his eyes....took his glasses into the MDR on the 2nd evening of cruise. Unfortunately he left them on the table ad didn't realise he had left them until the following morning. He contacted MDR who recommended he contacted reception. No medical glasses there. He left a full description and every morning went to reception to enquire about them. This went on for several days and in the meantime was confined to being inside all of the time....couldn't even use his balcony.
Then one morning when he went to reception there they were...just on the ledge underneath and was told that is were they had been all of the time....the receptionist told him that she had seen them there all week and was wondering whose they were. Needless to say he was not best pleased as he had missed out on so much of his cruise. Doesn't really inspire confidence in them does it when they can't even see what is practically under their noses so I wouldn't hold out much hope of being reunited with your dance shoes.
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We found a watch and hat had been left by the gentleman in the next lounger to us. We took the items to reception. Next day the man asked us if we found anything , we said we had taken to reception, he says he had already asked there but they said nothing had been handed in. After speaking with us he returned to reception and ecplainec we had handed them in and low and behold reception found them !
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When I returned the camera case to Reception that I had found I was informed that someone had already reported it to them as " lost ".
The Chief Purser even made a joke about it and asked where I had found it as other reports that day of lost property had been lodged.
The " found property " report was very intensive, I was informed that I was witnessing the contents on behalf of the receiving Officer making out the report.
I had to sign the report, give all my personal details and cabin number and verify the contents as found.
My understanding was that they had advised the owner to check back with Reception before disembarking the ship for the flight home from Jamaica.
This was disembarkation day for that cruise and there were numerous flights throughout the day.
In hindsight I did wonder why they simply didn't tannoy the passengers name and request they return to Reception, after all they had his / her lost property report, Thomson constantly tannoy for EVERYTHING else!
I doubt if I'll ever know if the owner was ever reunited with his / her camera and money,
Anyway, just wanted to show the other side of the coin
when it comes to reviews re: " lost property "
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This is true please believe me.
First night at dinner 2nd sitting I dropped my napkin on the floor when I bent down to pick it up I was shocked whilst picking up the napkin I had also picked up a ladies denture tooth plate which contained three false teeth.

I immediately requested to speak to the maitre'de, discretely, I explained what had just occurred and passed over the dentures still wrapped inside the napkin for him to deal with. Obviously I thought that it was a female guest at first dinner sitting who had either removed them thinking that she had placed them in her bag for safe keeping but unfortunately dropped them on the floor.

The following evening I asked the maitre'de if there was any update on the dentures.Yes was the reply the person in question who had misplaced them had reported the denture missing and was able to reclaim them from lost property at main reception. 😬
So don't give up on the missing shoes just yet stranger items have been handed in.
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The only thing we've had stolen was a pair of binoculars on our very first cruise. They were stolen from our luggage at some point between the ship and the airport. Not a major problem, other than when we arrived at the airport (Istanbul), armed Police came on the coach and asked for my wife and I by name. No explanation and we had no idea why. We were taken in to the airport where one of our bags, which had clearly been opened, had been examined. We were asked to check if anything was missing, to which we replied that a pair of binoculars had been taken. After some discussion (none of it in English) we were allowed to proceed. We were much younger then and found it mildly amusing afterwards (though not initially). If it happened nowadays it would be terrifying, with potential terrorism or drug trafficking implications had the bag been tampered with. Not just for this reason, but we haven't done a fly-cruise since!
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I left some documents on top of the safe after leaving the ship in Barbados last December
Our cabin steward handed them to the reception. I contacted my PCS and she took care of it. The documents (although I must admit not all - just the important ones) they were posted back once the ship got back to Southampton 👍

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Over the years we have found several items left in the cabin by the previous occupants. None were particularly valuable, so we just handed them to the steward. Just wondering if, as they missed them whilst during the changeover cleaning, that they 'lose' them to avoid getting in trouble for not finding them when they were preparing the cabin.
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I can concur with these awful lost property stories. My mother (84)left her brand new wrist blood pressure monitor and sugar testing kit on the Discovery 2 Cuban Fusion cruise on 13 March 2018. I know they were found by the cleaning team (who we had given a substantial thank you tip) as they were entering the room at 8.00am as we were leaving. Despite phone calls to the agent in Montego Bay Port, the emergency number on the ship, feedback forms, the agents at the Tui shop and the customer service line - not one person has come back to me It is outrageous!!!
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If you look at the following P&O web page you'll soon see that your shoes won't be coming back I'm afraid.

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