Would an RCL, Carnival guy like Princess?

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Have never been on Princess. Lots of Royal Caribbean and Carnival experience. Will I like Princess?
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Depends on what you enjoy most. If it's climbing walls and Party All the Time, then no.
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So let’s say RCI, NCL, carnival lover who doesn’t rock climb or cruise only drunk. I’m still interested in the OP’s question...

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My guess is not likely... unless you are looking for something quieter than you are used to. Things quiet down around 10. It’s great to relax, rejuvenate, but there is no party scene. The dance club has 18 year olds if there are any and usually it’s empty. We cruise Princess exclusively and enjoy it but we enjoy the relaxation

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Originally posted by Irie
Have never been on Princess. Lots of Royal Caribbean and Carnival experience. Will I like Princess?
Maybe, maybe not.

What is it you like about RCI and Carnival? What makes you want to try something new?

Princess offers a somewhat more traditional, laid back cruise experience - not a lot of later night activity, quieter pool afternoons, good food and service, more traditional cruise activites - ie bingo, trivia , game shows, some audience participation activites, theater shows, still has formal nights, etc

If it's the more active experience of RCI and Carnival you enjoy, Princess is likely not a great option. NCL may be worth a look. If you're looking for a somewhat more laid back and more traditional experience , Princess may be to your liking.
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We tried the Regal Princess last year and the service and food was excellent!

I did miss the lively sailaway. You won't be doing The Wobble or Cupid Shuffle on Princess.

However, to me, the cruise was more upscale with better service. Not that I didn't
get good service on Carnival or RCCL. It just seemed as if Princess went above and beyond more.

For example, Movies Under the Stars, they put cushions on the lounge chairs with pillows. I was given a blanket, handed popcorn. During the movie, they came around and gave out pizza.

The Regal buffet stayed open late into the night, with real dinner food.

I'm remembering as soon as I sat down with my tray, 2 or 3 servers wanted to know what I wanted to drink and would get my juice.

Hubby loved the interactive TV with all the free movies.

If you're an active person, and like to stay busy with activities. Princess is not for you. At times I found myself bored.

I think on that cruise, hubby and I realized we liked the quietness, hardly any kids and just maybe we had outgrown Carnival and RCCL.

I say give it a try. Book the Regal or Royal if you can.

Also, I'm 50 and felt very young onboard.
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Originally posted by Cruzinbabe06
We tried the Regal Princess last year and the service and food was excellent!

For example, Movies Under the Stars, they put cushions on the lounge chairs with pillows. I was given a blanket, handed popcorn. During the movie, they came around and gave out pizza.
23 Princess cruises and I've never seen that.
Chico, California
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I too have never seen pizza handed out but, then again, perhaps it's because I've never sailed on a Royal class ship. I can remember watching Casablanca one afternoon on MUTS and having a cart come around with cold milk and warm cookies. It was great but then I never saw it again. Of course I haven't watched an afternoon movie on MUTS since then either. I think the milk and cookies went away.

As for the interactive TV it's not on all Princess ships - or even on most. The new Royal class ships and some older ones such as Caribbean Princess have the movies on demand and such. I believe Caribbean has it because they were prepping for the medallion before they found out it didn't work as planned. Admittedly we have limited cruise experience - only 9 cruise so far - but none of the ships I have been on other than CB had that type of TV.

As to being young at 50 I have to agree that is on the younger side for many Princess cruises, especially the longer ones. I'm 65 and was told a number of times how young I am on a 28 day cruise last October. Longer voyages tend to an older demographic.

If the OP is interested in a livelier time on a Princess cruise then perhaps a cruise of 7 days or less in the Caribbean might work? I haven't done those so really have no idea but I "think" those get a lot more young people and families than the longer cruises.
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We have gotten the pizza offered on three or four of three dozen Princess cruises. Cookies seem to have disappeared. And the popcorn isn’t a guarantee anymore.
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I'm not a big fan of RCCL, but I do love Carnival and Princess. I love them both for different reasons. Try it, you might like it.
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It depends on the itinerary. If you are thinking Alaska, you would probably enjoy it. Princess has a good Alaska program. If you are thinking Europe, South America, Australia/NZ again probably yes. These are mostly port intensive cruises where the port visits are the most important part of the voyage.
If you are referring to a standard Caribbean cruise you will have to be ready for a change in on board activities and amenities.
Princess does have lots of evening live music around the ship. Most ships have a party band, soft music group, individual performers, piano entertainer, classical music group.
Princess ships also have lots of choices for no charge food. DR's are open every day for breakfast & dinner and lunch on sea days. The buffet is open from 6am until late evening, never closes during that time. The International Cafe, on almost all ships, is open 24/7. There is also a grill and pizza by the pool open from 11am until mid to late evening. There is a pub lunch on some sea days. Royal Class ships also have Alfredo's, a sit down pizza & other selections restaurant open 11am until late evening. Alfredo's also available on two other ships, but pizza only.
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Originally posted by Irie
Have never been on Princess. Lots of Royal Caribbean and Carnival experience. Will I like Princess?
I have sailed on all size Royal Caribbean ships, been on NCL and the laid back experience. Took my first Princess cruise July 2017. Had a wonderful time; the ship ;and staff and food were excellent. I am taking my second Princess Cruise Feb 2018. I am active and love to have a great time. But, I have decided when I go on vacation and cruise; I want to relax and not have to rush around the ship trying out all the bells and whistles; like rockclimbing, ziplining, surfing, go karts, etc. I want to go to the pool and relax, go to a show at night; visit a few bars and eat; so Princess has given me and my family just that. Hope this helps you make a decision.
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Originally posted by JF - retired RRT
23 Princess cruises and I've never seen that.
We have when attending the late show at MUTS.
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Yes to the popcorn, pizza, and warm cookies and milk during MUTS (we go to the early showing).

We have been on the Coral, Emerald, Ruby and Caribbean Princess and had the same experience on all the ships.
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Originally posted by Irie
Have never been on Princess. Lots of Royal Caribbean and Carnival experience. Will I like Princess?
IMO, absolutely. We're diamond on RCI and our last 2 of our last 3 cruises have been on Princess and you can see that I have two more Princess cruises booked. We find the entertainment equally good on both lines, the food is noticeably better on Princess and the service seems to be a notch above as well. The buffet is much better on Princess. We've also found that RCI prices seem to be getting to the point where they've priced themselves out of our budget while Princess (at least the last two and the next 2 anyway) are more competitively priced.

You will enjoy Princess.
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It really depends on what you want- one of the things we really love on Princess is the enrichment lectures. We also like the food, service and entertainment. We are not drink and dance late night people. If you want a faster paced cruise line then Princess to try you might like NCL.
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Originally posted by moki'smommy
My gut instinct is "no." Princess is a lot less of a party atmosphere, lacks a water slide, climbing wall, wet t-shirt contest, etc.
Wet t-shirt contest??
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Originally posted by Yukonjake
Wet t-shirt contest??
Well there was a time on Princess that I was standing there minding my own business and DW got annoyed about something and threw a bucket of water on me and splashed me and a few others and next thing I knew won a contest.