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Bring your own. I can blow harder than most cruise ship dryers!

If you need heat and speed for your hair do then the ones they provide are no use IMO.
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I don't have enough hair to need a dryer but my DW says she has never had a problem with any hair dryer on P&O, and I normally test it for her and it always seems OK to me.
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I take my own because I find that the P&O ones work fine but they are quite heavy and unwieldy.
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Originally posted by terrierjohn
I don't have enough hair to need a dryer but my DW says she has never had a problem with any hair dryer on P&O, and I normally test it for her and it always seems OK to me.
I suppose some of it depends on what you need for your “do” as well. I have very fine hair so need a lot of power in the dryer to get any body into it.

I just find the dryers slow and agree with Josh that they are unwieldy.

At least P&O are better than most and at a push I would use it if I forgot my own. I really hate the ones stuck to the wall in the bathroom you get on some ships / hotels. They burn your hands, they don’t have the oomph to put any body into your hair and you are fighting against the residual damp in the shower room. Rant over.
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Originally posted by Lintravel
Thanks.... think I’ll take mine just to be on the safe side!!

The ones provided ‘dry’ hair with no issue - however ‘styling’ is another matter! I’d always take my own space/weight permitting

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