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My wife and I (and our 2 dogs) are taking our first trip on Cunard this Thursday. Eastbound to Southampton.
Then we'll bounce around Europe for 5 months.

I've read that they only issue so many passes to the Hydrotherapy center to keep it from being crowded.

Is it a problem to obtain passes? Is it something that we should focus on a soon as we get on board or is it not something to worry about?

Can we order from our cabin phone or do we need to go down to the Canyon Ranch to order them?

We thought a daily round of Saunas, steam rooms, etc might be a nice way to kill an hour or two each day.
I'm sure a fair amount of time will be spend up at the kennels.

Totally zero experience with Hydro Therapy Spas so if anybody has done it... is there a suggested routine that works well. Ie: Sauna, then steam then this then that? Inquiring minds need to know.

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We have never had a problem with availability of the Spa Pass after boarding to QM2 . Good Availability is probably due to the fact that no cabin grade gets a pass included like many other ships .If you want it , you pay for it .

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Not on QM2 ! it's usually only on the small vista class ships ( QE/QV.C) where a limit of places/pass's ( per day) are available.
No problem at all, don't worry about it, worry more about what you'll need to pack.

Bon Voyage, You'll love the Mary .
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For some reason prices for spa passes on QM2 tend to vary. Have a word with the people in the spa. You can also get a short tour through the facilities before you buy any pass. There has been a six-day pass for Transatlantic Crossings on offer, at around $100.

I never found the spa to be crowded.
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I hope you and your dogs have an enjoyable crossing.
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