Canadian Travelers: Princess exchange rate is going up

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Victoria, BC
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My travel agent told me just now that Princess is raising their exchange rate as of July 22.
Right now they are charging 25%, it is going up to 30%.
if you were thinking of a cruise, now might be a good time to put your FCD or a deposit on one.
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seeing the world one cruise at a time

Vancouver Island BC Canada
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We have paid a deposit for a long cruise in Feb. I understand we are locked in at that rate no matter what they do now . Is this correct? Also read on cc that anything you purchase such as water, on board wine programs , or excursions will also be billed at the original rate no matter when you add them to your folio. Can anyone confirm that too? 5% is significant on a lengthy trip! Twhx
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Muffin - you are correct on both accounts. Just remember that if some special comes along offering something such as free gratuities, to get that normally you have to cancel and rebook at the then current price which is more likely to be higher with the new rate. I say 'normally' as they sometimes will add the bonus to an existing booking.
Victoria, BC
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at 30% it might still be better than booking in USD and adding the visa service charge. not as good as it is for the next couple of weeks at 25% though.
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seeing the world one cruise at a time

Vancouver, B.C.
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Thanks for the heads up. Was on the fence about whether or not to delay booking for 2019 but decision made! The extra 5% exchange can add up to a lot of money, depending on what a person books.
Vancouver, Canada
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Thanks so much Cdngirl for the heads up! I was on the fence and I booked my December cruise yesterday. Happy cruising!
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The 1.30 exchange rate is now in effect. Luckily, I already have several cruises booked at lower rates. Not sure that I would be willing to pay 1.30.