Q&A with Hans Lagerweij - CEO Victory Cruise Lines

Hans Lagerweij will be here to answer your questions on June 7th, 2018.
So, go ahead and ask your questions now. And, in the meantime, learn more about Victory Cruise Lines from Cruise Critic!

Our Community Guidelines are in effect, please be respectful of our special guest and your fellow community members. Discussion may commence after Mr. Lagerweij has responded to initial questions.

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Welcome Mr Hans &!Victory!

Exciting to learn there will be a new bespoke line focused on this lovely and popular part of the world. So much culture, history, food, activity, nature and gorgeous see to experience. I’m wondering if it will be on a more intimate scale (a la Viking River or Windjammer) in order to optimize these incredible abundance of the Yucatán.

What would be a signature item to look forward to?

Thanks for spending time with us at Cruise Critic today! See you at sea :)
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Yes due to the size of our vessels (200 passengers), we offer a very intimate atmosphere. On board we offer first class cuisine and personalized service. I think the word "luxury" is overused in our industry; I like to speak about our experience as being "boutique". It is high-end, personal, intimate, immersive, friendly and with a lot of knowledge & expertise. My favorite experience of our cruise to the Yucatan is the visit to Chichen Itza; we are the only cruise line offering a private sunrise visit to the pyramids (see http://www.victorycruiselines.com/yucatan-mexico-cruise).

I hope I have answered your question, but please feel free to ask any additional ones!

Thanks again for your interest, Hans