maitr d' ken byrne attacked!

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Originally posted by H82seaUgo
i'm sorry. i must have missed the part where i said i was not pleasant to my servants. did i use white font or something?
" servants"............well that explains so much.
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Originally posted by H82seaUgo
posted on the brand ambassadors facebook page:

Ken Byrne was bashed last night in the Southern Dining Room on Carnival Magic by a disgruntled waiter. Waiter was restrained and deported today.....Ken was bloodied and we are awaiting word on his condition. He was attacked with an 'iron bar'......before 1st sitting dinner.....and it was seen by several passengers.
I wonder if he tried to sing like ours?

Honestly, I thought about it...
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Originally posted by jagsfan
If you read Cruise Confidential by Brian David Brun, you won't be surprised at a waiter
losing it and attacking a fellow employee. Brun worked as a waiter with Carnival and writes
in detail of the life aboard ship as a worker,not a client.
The attack was a terrible thing to have happened, from everyone's point of view, and
not something to be made light of. This waiter went home with no chance of working on a cruise ship again, which is probably a tragedy for him and his family. Byrne suffered the pain of the attack and will keep that memory for a long time. The people who witnessed it
won't forget it, either.
Another reason for us, as passengers, to do what we can to make the lives of the crew
as good as possible by doling out smiles and our thanks for a job well done.
I hope what I'm saying makes sense, but it's the end of a long day, but maybe not!
Makes sense to me!
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Originally posted by pe4all
Hi Brian! Is another book in the works? Waiting patiently.
Yes there is!
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Originally posted by sylvis
Yes there is!
Thanks for the info. Will be getting a kindle today - will download it once I figure out how!
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