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Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
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We have previously cruised on the Tahitian Princess - we are now thinking of cruising in January 06 with Bora Bora Cruises - comments on cruising experiences with Bora Bora - how does it rate?
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Tucson, AZ
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we haven't been on, but some of our friends who had an OS walked onto the Bora cruise ship while we were at the anchored at BB. they said that though the ship was nice the rooms were very small. the fact that people not traveling on the ship can just walk on was a little disturbing too.
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Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
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Many thanks for that info - I agree - people wandering around not the best!!
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I got to see the newer one when they were building the inside of the ship. The rooms were not really that small and the bathrooms were nice with teak floors. There won't be a lot of public areas, but it I think they also go places where the bigger ships cannot go. If you thought the Tahitian was small and option limited(if that bothered you) then you won't enjoy it. Personally if I could afford that, I would do Bora Bora also.