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Has anyone used the hair salon on the ship? We will be cruising for 12 days, and my hair...... won't look/feel good for that long. Thinking about the hair dryers in the cabin, and thought for the time and effort, could I get my hair done on the ship? Cheers!
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I had my haircut many years back on a ship. At the time my hair was pretty short and I noticed one of the show performers hair that was also short, but I loved the style. Ran into her and found out a girl on the ship had cut it. Well, it was the best haircut I have ever had. I wish I had kept her name!
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We did 5 weeks on Century this past Feb/March. I had color done - she did a great job matching at a very reasonable price. In fact while I can't remember the charge, I do remember being surprised that the price wasn't as high as I had expected.
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Had my hair cut on the Equinox earlier this year, best cut I have had in ages the girl that cut it told me her nickname was "magic fingers" I will definately use the ships salon again on our next cruise.
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Granted I am a male, but used the salon for a cut on our last cruise. The girl was from South Africa and absolutely great. And where else can you sit and watch the sea go by while getting a shampoo and cut?
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Originally posted by gwilli
Has anyone used the hair salon on the ship? We will be cruising for 12 days, and my hair...... won't look/feel good for that long. Thinking about the hair dryers in the cabin, and thought for the time and effort, could I get my hair done on the ship? Cheers!
I always use the hair salon on the ship at least twice per sailing. I have hard to manage hair and do not do a great job myself. I typically make my appts the first day for the formal evenings. Most of the time, they do a good job- I recall a couple of times that I wasn't pleased with the hairdressers work, but still better then I could do, and I was able to fix my hair once it was done. It is my treat- some people get facials or massages- I go to the hair salon. Of course they will try to sell you their hair care products, but I decline.
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My DH will put off getting his hair cut UNTIL we get on the ship. He loves their cuts. I have been well pleased also. Don't hesitate to use the salon.
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Just got back from the Silhouette 12/6 sailing. I visited the hair salon twice. 1st time I had my hair put up for the Formal night at a cost of $56 & the second time I had my hair washed & blow dried at a cost of $51. Not sure why the hair up cost more as It wasn't washed, but it was well worth it.
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I have to agree with previous posters, the salons are very good. The stylists are friendly and very well qualified and although they do suggest products you might like to purchase, it is done very nicely with no hard sell.

The best cut I have ever had was on a Celebrity ship, but my local hairdresser could not replicate it when I got home.

It's rare to get a thread like this with 100% positive responses - isn't it great!
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Thanks for all the positive answers! Now I look forward to a visit to the salon!
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I hadn't even thought about going to the salon onboard but I will now be considering it particularly for the formal evenings.

Thanks for such positive feedback.
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