Hi everyone. My husband and I are planning on extending our time in Barcelona/Spain after our November Oceania cruise and want to do some extensive tasting in Spain's many wine areas.

I don't want to do another whole full planned tour with a bus and a guide (I don't usually even like those as day shore excursions!!), but Vintage Spain does partially guided tours where most of the time is on your own, but on days where you have vineyard/tastings, you are provided with a driver. I like this idea because I'm not a fan of drinking and driving and I think that's especially a bad idea when you're in an unfamiliar area.

This kind of "tour" seems like the best of both worlds: I can do a lot of the suggesting and planning for the itinerary, we're not crammed in to a large bus seeing things we may not care to see and missing out on things which we want to see and they can handle making tasting reservations and I don't have to worry about getting out to the countryside and not being able to enjoy the wine.

Does anyone have any experience with this company or any other recommendations for other companies to look in to?