Off Topic - Did anyone watch the hockey game last night?

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Hi everyone,

Just wondering if we have any NHL fans and if they watched the hockey game last night? Not too bad for a team that hasn't even made the playoffs in a number of years!!!

Go Calgary!!!

Erin & Brent
"Friends are the family that you choose for yourself"
Franklin, MA USA
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I was watching this game. Calgary is playing out of their mind! Iginla is a monster!

I don't really like Tampa (don't like Tortorella and some players) so I am rooting for Calgary this time around.

(I am still crying over the Bruins' loss though, but at least this year we don't have to watch Devils hockey again!)

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Deptford, NJ
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Watched it, loved the outcome. The wrong team from the East is there. Philly should be there.

Go Flames!!

Can't stand Tortolini, as he was called by the Philly media, and St. Louis or Tim Taylor as BOTH are cheap shot artists!!

Go Flames!!

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Ottawa, Canada
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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>The wrong team from the East is there.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I concur... thought it should be Ottawa, had they not played subpar hockey for much of the season. Yeah, yeah, sour grapes, spilt milk, etc.

Still, the NHL has enough problems -- imagine the ratings disaster in the States with 2 teams from Canada playing for the Cup!
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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I am always happy to see any Canadian team in the playoffs. But especially happy to see Calgary. I wish I could descirbe the feeling around the city right now. The closest I can come is Electric. The whole city is just enjoying every moment of this. Its been some great hockey to watch, and I hope the rest of this series is just as interesting as the Western Final was!!

Erin & Brent
"Friends are the family that you choose for yourself"
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Game two tonight, Go Flames!!

Erin & Brent
"Friends are the family that you choose for yourself"
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Game two didn't go so well for the Flames. Oh well, getting set for game 3 (beer in the Fridge, snacks in the pantry). I'm rooting for the flames but will settle for a good cup final.

Here's hoping 2005 is the Year of the Senators!
New Jersey, USA
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Parrothead is right, Philly should be there. Officiating has crumbled over the years.

Go Flames! Knock the fins off those Sharks and show them how real hockey is played!

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what a bunch of sour grapes!, the Bolts are playing great and deserve the cup,,,,boo to the Flames, they are a bunch of sore losers...
North Bay.Ont.,Canada
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$8!!!! It was reported that there were bad seats avialable for $8 in Tampa!!! If I'm not mistaken the worst seats for the Leafs in the playoffs were approaching $100!!!

The best thing we could do, as fans, to make the Leafs a better team would be to give them 4000-5000 empty seats at each game...nothing creates desire like red ink on the finacial statement!!

Unfortunealtly I must confess to being a fan of a team that may be one of the biggest disgraces in all of professional sport...a team that has actually blamed the fans for being TOO LOYAL and as a result putting too much pressure on the players!! Poor millionaires how will they cope?? Pressure is having 6 staff's Wednesday and you're not sure if you can make payroll on Friday (I don't miss thoses years at all).

Frankly I'm getting so tired of pro athletes, their agents and team owners, that a cruise is a welcome break from these whiners...I don't even check the scores when I'm away.

My heart is with Calgary...and Iginla is a breath of fresh air in pro sports.



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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Yeah, its too bad about last nights game, but oh well....should make for a great night of hockey here in Calgary tomorow night. And for anyone who has ever been to the city, 17 Avenue SW is the place to be if you can't be in the Dome!!!! Its a great party!!! And its great for the city, it brings back memories of the 1988 Party (AKA 1988 Olympic Winter Games)

Have a great long weekend to everyone down in the USA!!! We had our long weekend last week, I could go for another one!!!

Erin & Brent
"Friends are the family that you choose for yourself"
South Florida
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Tampa has offered $8 standing room tickets for every playoff game for all that want to camp out for them. Good way for students and others that cannot afford to pay for a regular ticket to experience the excitement.

Tampa is a great place to watch a game - fun and family oriented. By the way, I am biased as my son works for the Lightning. I was at game 5 of the Philly Series and will be at game 5 of the Calgary Series. I'll need a cruise to unwind!

I think it's great that 2 fun teams like Tampa and Calgary are in the final - should be a great series. Wish those Philly fans would "shut their yaps" and stop whining They lost.


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Big Hockey fans in my house. I have two kids who play so we watch every game we can get on tv. Being a long suffering Bruins fan, I'm not rooting for anyone at this point although I guess I'd be leaning for Calgary. The talent in these game with Iginla, St. Louis, LeCavalier, etc... makes for lots of fun!
Vancouver B.C.
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Don't you guys know that the hockey Season is over? I mean it started out alright with the Habs as ALWAYS beating the Bruins, but then the Lightning got lucky and the season ended! Ah well maybe next year Canadien prperty will be returned to its rightfull owners!