Menopause Encouragement Take 3.....

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Northern California
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Well Hi Y'all

Sharon at least you are exercising, good for you! Your trips to the plays sounds wonderful, how were they? I hear you about airfare, I was searching for some for my dad and step mom. They gave decided they need to get from Albuquerque to a very small town in Iowa next week. The fares were ridiculous besides they couldn't take their dog...The dog is King of the house. Long story short my 88 year old dad is driving There is no talking him out of it.

I love that your flowers are peeking out, my yard looks awful but I do have some flowers.

Kelly, I tried on some summer clothes it isn't pretty. I know you will trim off any extra weight quickly

How's the little guy doing, do you get to see him often?

Amy, a wedding Woo Hoo! it's amazing every weekend is booked for your summer except 2, LOL I would be exhausted just looking at the calendar.
Is Mary going on the Liberty cruise also? What fun would that be!

We are going to Carmel & Monterrey for 4 days next month, only a couple hours away but one of my favorite places. No cruises scheduled right now...maybe next year.

Okay enough coffee and CC ,off I go. I will check in more often.

Have a good one,
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The weather has been great the last couple of days, we went from having the furnace on to opening the windows, Bill wanted to put the air on but I wouldn't let him, too early! Looks like our whole next week will be great.

The show in Chicago, Oklahoma was almost a disappointment, our seats were way in the back and it kind of dragged. The show at the Fireside in Ft. Atkinson, Annie Get Your Gun, was terrific! We had a fabulous buffet dinner before, they are known for their sweet potato souffle. Of course you know buffets are very hard to keep in control and we didn't. Everything was so good we ate until we almost busted. Then went in to see the show, had front row seats!

Amy sounds like your summer will be non stop! Enjoy every minute of it. Lucky you with a cruise planned.

We have a two day/one night trip planned for northern WI. Just going up for a graduation and back again. But I always feel as soon as you are out of the driveway you are on vacation!
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