Liquor in you cabin

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Not supposed to but it has been "smuggled" before.

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Here is the actual RCCL website stand on booze.


Can I bring my own liquor onboard?
We apologize for any inconvenience but due to our regulatory and licensing requirements guests are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages of any kind onboard for consumption or any other use. Alcoholic beverages that are purchased duty-free from the Shops On Board or at ports of call will be stored by us and delivered to your stateroom on the last day of your voyage. A member of our staff will be at the gangway to assist with the storage of your purchases. Should you choose to consume alcoholic beverages purchased from the Shops On Board, a $9.50 consumption fee will apply at the time of purchase. Note that no open liquor bottles will be permitted to be brought into dining areas or public areas.

For guests who have a unique request for wine, and Royal Caribbean is unable to accommodate their selection, we will, with prior approval from Royal Caribbean, allow a maximum of two bottles of wine to be brought by the guest or group. A corkage fee in the amount of $12.00 per bottle will be charged. This policy may not apply to every ship or itinerary depending on local laws, customs, or license requirements but Royal Caribbean will try and accommodate requests. Royal Caribbean is not responsible for fines imposed or items confiscated by local authorities. Please request prior approval from Royal Caribbean and we will work to honor your request whenever possible.

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I wouldn't call it smuggling the way I did it. I kept all booze in original containers, 1 bottle in checked luggage, 1 bottle in carry on. Not confiscated or questioned. I also brought soda/water, no problems. Also, when on Jamaica, we asked security if we could bring beer back on board to drink in our room and were permitted to bring a 12 pack of Red Stripe no problems.

RC may have a policy prohibiting it but the ees don't really enforce it too well. The only liquor we checked was the bottle of Blue Mountain Irish Cream Liquor we purchased in Jamaica. We wanted to take it home anyway.

I will continue to bring liquor with me, if I am allowed. It is not a crime. And, if they confiscate it, fine, I can deal with that too.

P.S. Here is the link to the topic when I asked this same question.

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I smuggled wine on board all the time. I like a certain brand and to have it available in my cabin. DH and I also bring on board, soda, water and beer in our carryon. I won't put the stuff in our luggage concerned about breakage and ruining my clothes plus fellow cruisers. This is always a controversial subject. I also have a bar bill at the cruise so I do support RCCL.

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RCL frown's upon it but it is done everyday...

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I always bring a insulated "lunch bag" with a full bottle of Gin, Vodka, Tonic, and lemon and lime. I carry the bag on the plane and then when I get to the cruise port, I tuck it into my suitcase at the last minute. I'm sure that I could carry it on with me, but never wanted to take the chance of having it confiscated. The only problem I had on my last cruise was that I had a steak knife in my suitcase for cutting the lemons and limes. I boarded the ship, and about 2 hours later I had a call from security asking that I get off of the boat to open my suitcase. I had to remove the knife and turn it over the security. (ended up using a metal nail file to cut the lime!).

Even thought RC has the alcohol policy, no one really gives you a hassel about sneaking some booze on the boat. You won't run to your cabin all day for a drink, so eventually you will give in and make a purchase on board anyway.

Have fun!!

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Okay, I get it! Smuggle your booze, just don't smuggle cutlery!!

Geez folks.....rules are rules! Either you are going to abide by them or break them!
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Why would they take a steak knife when the ship has knives all over the place.

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We had a small paring knife in our suitcase for cutting limes, never a word about it. We forgot it on our last cruise, so just borrowed one from the room service tray.

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fireguy091 ==I took the knife in my suitcase because in the dining room and/or Windjammer you will only find a butter knife...would work I suppose, but might be difficult for slicing lemons/limes. (Even at dinner the Head Waiter cuts my steak for me with a steak knife if I can't with my butter knife).

Family of 14 == The knife that I had in my suitcase was actually more like a paring knife. I took the same knife with me during my 10/03 cruise on the AOS and it made it through security with no problem. That is why I was so surprised in March when I was asked to open the suitcase. I believe the problem was that in October I had it buried in between clothes, so not easily noticed. This time, I had the knife in a pouch on the top of the suitcase.

Oh well, that's the way it goes!

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hambone1205 - if you want to have security at the airports find it and then spend some time at the airport and then to the friendly police station where it is found...heck why not put some of that crap in your suitcase and hope, with all your might, that it isn't found.

Here is an idea for you -- my EX husband taped some joints to his genitals to get across the American mature, thank God I didn't know about it.

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I keep hearing about people trying to smuggle liquor onboard. Don't waste your time!! If you are sailing RCCL, BUY it onboard! It's cheaper than you'll ever get here and you don't have to "smuggle" it on. Our first night sailing, they offered unreal prices on liquor. A 4 pack of Myers Dark liter bottles was $39. They would let you take one to your room for the cruise and the other 3 were given to you at the end of the cruise. That's less than $10 for a $20 bottle or rum.

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I prefer a British Columbian Chardonnay. Due to provincial laws there is no place in the US that this wine can be exported to by the winery, so I fully intend to carry two bottles onboard with me, as I know that RCCL can not obtain this wine for me.

I'm sure my bar tab will have a couple zero's after at minimum a number 3 or 4, so no harm, no foul IMHO. And if I decide to have one of the bottles at dinner I'll gladly pay a corkage fee on it.

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We used to bring liquor onboard in our checked luggage also, but then we realized the sale price of the liquor onboard, even with the surcharge, was STILL cheaper than on land. Instead, we take a soft-sided, collapsible ice chest onboard packed with soft drinks or other mixers. Onboard our room steward always kept it full of ice, and we used the soft drinks with the liquor we bought onboard. At the end of the cruise, all the soft drinks (and probably liquor!) is gone, and we can fold away the cooler and pack it.

So now you can use the extra room that you would have used to pack liquor for more clothes instead!

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We also had knives taken from us that were in our checked luggage. I forgot about our picnic back pack we always take to use on our self guided shore tours, as there were two of them with our picnic supplies that is included with the pack.

They were butter knives.

So we just borrowed one that was delivered to our room during room service. Go figure.

We had no trouble using the butter knife to cut our limes we brought in our luggage, along with the plastic flask of gin and bottle of tonic, which were ignored even when we had to open the suitcase to pull out the butter knives!!

We bring the gin/tonic and limes to enjoy on our balcony during sail away, as the liquor store on board is not open yet.