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Cotswolds UK
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Hi everyone,
I wonder if some of you seasoned P&O cruisers might be able to answer this question?

We are going on a Fjords cruise in September on Arcadia. My husband is a full time wheelchair user and we have booked a mini suite. We have his parents, my mother and my 18 year old step daughter in nearby rooms (2 insides and 1 balcony).

(We have only cruised once before for our honeymoon last year so forgive the stupid question!!)

So - we are all arriving together in 2 cars at the terminal. Will husband be asked to board early because of the wheelchair? And if so and the others have a later boarding time, will they possibly let them board with us? Doesn't really matter either way, I'm just trying to prepare parents (all in their 80s) and manage their expectations!

We all have Freedom dining - do I need to make the restaurant aware of his wheelchair or shall we just rock up and they'll sort us with a suitable table as and when available?

Thank you in advance.
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Hi. You don't get to board early with a wheelchair, but are able to use assisted embarkation where an assistant will push the wheelchair on board (same with disembarkation). Other members of the party can accompany. However, this system is unfortunately abused, as some people who are quite capable of boarding unaided think that it's a way of skipping queues and boarding / disembarking early which, as a result of the high numbers now using the service, it often isn't. When travelling with our adult children I tend to push the wheelchair and we board ourselves. I have spoken to several other wheelchair users who do the same. Shame really, as the people who need the service are deterred from using it due to the abuse, but P&O are in a very difficult position with this.

With regards to restaurants, no need to warn the restaurant. All restaurants are fully wheelchair accessible and the staff are excellent. Tables are such that you can remain in the wheelchair or transfer to a chair and staff will store the wheelchair until you need it. As you are on Arcadia in September, the age profile will be such that I should think there will be a considerable number of wheelchair and scooter users.
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Cotswolds UK
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Thank you for your response Selbourne.
I can assist husband with pushing the chair up the ramps to the boat; I understand what you mean about people abusing the system - I have read many threads on here about it!!
Hopefully we will have a super cruise to the Fjords.
Thanks again.