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Laura V.

22*Carnival Horizon Annual Griswold ADULTS ONLY HAVANA CABANA Nov 2018
21*Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas Annual Griswold Cruise Nov 2017
20*Carnival Ecstasy - 40th Girls Cruise! April 2017
19*Carnival Sunshine - Nov 2016 The Griswolds at it again!
18*Carnival Valor - December 2015 Wedding Cruise!!!
17*Carnival Sunshine December 2014 - Merry Christmas!
16*Carnival Fantasy May 2014 - Birthday, 10 year Anniversary and FREE Casino cruise
15*Carnival Fascination April 2014 - Girls Cruise
14*Carnival Dream December 2013 Merry Christmas!
13*Carnival Fascination April 2013 Girls Birthday Trip
12*Carnival Fantasy Dec 2012 Merry Christmas!
11*Carnival Fantasy May 2012 Happy Birthday I Cruising! Girls Weekend Out!
10*Carnival Fantasy April 2011 Happy Birthday to me again and again!!!
9*Carnival Fantasy May 2010 Happy Birthday to me again!!!
8*Monarch of the Seas December 2009 Merry Christmas
7*Monarch of the Seas May 2009 Happy Birthday to Me and GIRLS WEEKEND OUT!!!
6*Carnival Glory December 2008 Merry Xmas
5*Mariner of the Seas October 2007 Happy Harris Honeymoon and Halloween!!
4*Carnival Miracle February 2007
3*Carnival Glory March 2006
2*Carnival Inspiration Dec. 2003
1*Carnival Fantasy Sept. 1998