Emerald Princess- mx riviera

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Third and last cruise (11/29 Rivera) Anytime dining requires you either stand in long lines or make reservations at 5:15 in one DR or 7:30 in another. Wanted to switch to traditional but told they were full so I visited those traditional DR's only to find numerous empty seats. Special dining (Share and Crown) both way over rated. Cabin steward knows he is getting a piece of the tipping so doesn't provide same service when passengers tip directly. Disembarkation was a nightmare. 6 hours in Cabo stinks. Watered down - over priced martini's - you can hardly taste the gin. Back to HAL or RCCL.
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Sounds like you are better suited to another line. In 42 cruises on 7 different cruise lines, we have never, ever had such excellent cabin stewards as on Princess. They are one of the most consistent things about the line IMO.

If you want Anytime Dining, you need to book it that way when you book the cruise to make sure you get it. I agree that 5:30pm is too early for dinner, but that's why we choose Anytime. The longest wait we've had was 5 mins. You just learn to go when the lines aren't bad, like at 6:00pm or 6:30pm.
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I'm always amazed at the folks who get "watered down drinks". Mine have always been excellent. Of course if you insist on buying large foo-foo drinks then the single portion of liquor will, indeed, be somewhat "lost" in the mix. I have zero complaints about the service from my stewards - although some were better than others. We like Princess and will continue to sail with Princess. It's unfortunate that the OP seems to have had different experiences than those we have had.
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All I can find is a 11/26 Mexican Riviera Cruise on the Emerald.
Please note: That the number of empty seats you see in a dining room has little to do with who is scheduled to be in those seats. Want Traditional Dining times? Book early and get on the wait list.

Royal and Holland are quite nice.

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Anytime seating, probably not a good choice for anyone hoping to be seated in a timely fashion. Watered down drinks? That is exactly our feelings about the new PES offerings.
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I have sailed on RCI and HAL and if the OP finds them better, then by all means they should beat a path to them. I have found the Princess to be more to my liking with great room stewards, cold drinks and have not switched back to TD after several years of ATD. However with ATD I have always been seated quickly when showing up at the MDR at 7:15 pm. I have watched though pax queue up around 6 pm and have long waits. We now want to have the evening free for activities and now book the early TD. It is working out well.

Personally I have a long list of complaints about RCI which is why I will probably never sail on them again. The climbing wall, zip line, ice skating show etc are just not that exciting. As for HAL I maybe finally getting into their age bracket of 80 to death.
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