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Rochester, NY
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Well, that was interesting. My original flight out of Rochester was for 2:30pm. After a cancelled flight and a scramble this morning, I got to the airport with an hour's notice. It'll be interesting to see what I packed, and what i didn't.

More to come. Posting live from the Escape 1/30.

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Albany, NY
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Glad you made it to the airport! We're on the Escape in three weeks. As with any winter flight, weather and cancellations are always in the back of my mind.
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See ya soon, leaving from Chicago at 6am and hopefully landing at 10am. Weather is great here ...40, no snow or bad weather forecasted

Hope all works out for you!
Rochester, NY
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Slowing inching my way there!

Of our extended traveling group, I'm currently flying solo, my sister and brother-in-law are en route to PBI from Laguardia, my gf's parents are en route on another plane to meet up with me at FLL, my parents are at their condo in Florida, and my gf and her kids are still stuck in Rochester after their second flight cancellation of the day. Hopefully their next two flights will work out, and they'll arrive promptly at their new scheduled time of 1am.

If it wasn't for the fact that I had a rental car waiting and a couple round trips between FLL and MIA tonight, I'd probably be pretending the UBP privileges started right now.

But I'll wait. Ugh...

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Key Largo, Florida Now 2017 Estero, Fl
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Good luck!!! Our friend is on your cruise and we will be on it next week. Did the Escaoe in Nov and loved it. Can't wait until next week!!
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Following. Have a great time
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Rochester, NY
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The "fun" continues. Most of us have made it to Florida. Unfortunately my gf and her kids will likely be stranded at JFK tonight, with hopes of a 6am flight.

First vacation drink? Goose Island IPA @ Hyatt Place Miami Airport East.

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Rochester, NY
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Originally posted by MalervyC
Excited! We board next week!! Any reservations planned for the pay restaurants?

With the 4 day SDP, we're hitting the Brat Pack Supper Club (+upcharge), LeBistro, Cagney's, and Bayamo (+upcharge).

Well that's it for day T-1! I'm hoping to hear from the gf in the morning that she and the kids are boarding the plane at JFK at 6am. Once confirmed, I'll leave my great hotel in Miami (Hyatt Place Miami Airport East - got it for $80 on around 8am and head back up to FLL.

I figure if things go smooth with grabbing her checked bag, we'll be on the road back to Miami around 10am. We need to drop the Avis car at the port location and then hop on the shuttle. An 11am port arrival would be glorious, all things considered. (last I heard - they were camping out on the floor at the gate, not wanting to take any chances)

I always say... the best night of any vacation is the night before it arrives. I might be second guessing that philosophy tonight.

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Southern California
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You are going to have a great time. I can already see that you have a good sense of humor and little glitches won't ruin your fun. I am looking forward to hearing all about your trip and any adventures that your group has.
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Good luck!

We'll be waiting to board on your return.

Have a great time.
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Rochester, NY
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The last few pieces to the puzzle are at 15,400' and climbing.

And I'm enjoying a nice quiet breakfast in Miami. That's apple juice by the way - the IPAs stopped flowing around 1am.

Originally posted by biguntx
We'll be waiting to board on your return.

Sweet!! I'll pull her up in front of Cruise Terminal C and I'll leave the keys under the port-side floor mat. Have a great trip, and safe travels!

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New Jersey
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We're booked at the Hyatt east next Friday - heading to the Escape on Saturday

Hope you have a great cruise! What did you think of the Hyatt? It received mixed reviews. Have they finally opened the pool?
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