Passport status: How long until it was online?

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The passport agent told us we could check the status online in 5-7 days.

The website says 7-10 days.

It's been over two weeks, and the status is still not online yet.

Someone on here said that their status was never online, even after they received their passports.

Anyone else have this experience?

I'm a worrier by nature...
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Yes after 2 weeks it said it was received then nothing more and we got them back about a week after that.. Don't know why they bother having it as an option when they do not update it..

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USPS said it was delivered Saturday, by Monday I could see it had been received online. That's been it, though it's only been a couple weeks.
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I don't remember the online feature being very helpful. I just called them like a maniac, as they had difficulty verifying my mother and I had to send a slew of extra documentation. I'm sure they regretted that. I sent every piece of paper with her name on it, LOL.
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My DH and I took DD and DS to the USPS last Friday for passports. Still nothing online. DH and I got ours last October in a week without expediting so I am hopeful it won't take too long.
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My DD applied for a passport and had it in about 3 weeks.
her birth Certificate still hasn't returned as yet however.
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Originally posted by luv2cruz66
My DH and I took DD and DS to the USPS last Friday for passports. Still nothing online. DH and I got ours last October in a week without expediting so I am hopeful it won't take too long.

Our six year old received his passport in 14 days; we got it the second week of June.

Ours were sent the same day (re-newals) and we haven't got ours back yet. It has only been 4 weeks though; I'm not worried yet. If I don't have it by the second week of July, I'll start sweating a little.

We sail 8-20.
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Mine was one of those sent to me without ever showing up online. If you're really worried, just call.
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My husband had to get a new passport before our vacation this summer. It took a week from submission before it appeared online. It arrived yesterday in the mail which was only 3 weeks from his application. It still says processing online however
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It took 3 weeks for me to receive mine. After the 1st week went by, I registered my email on the website. Week 2nd, it showed that it was received and being processed. Week 3, I received an email that it was completed. 3 days later, it arrived in the mail. By the way, I applied on May 19th.
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I think mine took a week to show online, I'm still waiting for it to come in, the website said it should be here by 06/28
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My mother received hers 2 weeks and 4 days from time of sending in her application. I applied for daughters the next day so I wonder if I will get hers Monday. I know it said on website that DD is in process but it looks like the website is not too reliable from what I am seeing on here. Not worried though. My mom called me in excitement that she got hers. She is finally showing signs of excitement. This is her first vacation out of the US or to anywhere really.
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Originally posted by cruise_pirate
Yes after 2 weeks it said it was received then nothing more and we got them back about a week after that.. Don't know why they bother having it as an option when they do not update it..

The web site inquiry is not useful at all. When we renewed DD's passport at the Post Office, I started checking the site a couple of weeks later and it never said anything more than it was received. When I called and asked, they admitted the web site is not updated very often. Nice feature.
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I finally received an email saying that my kids' were received, and it gave me passport locator numbers.

Now I'm just waiting on word on mine (submitted a week after theirs).
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My son applied for his passport on June 10th, received confirmation today that is was received and being processed.
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Ours never updated. I was planning on calling the customer service number our courthouse gave us but they ended up coming in the mail that same day. I was afraid they lost our application. I did watch our bank account and had seen they deducted the funds from our account and it was about 2 weeks later that we got them. It always said that there was no record when we tried to look it up online
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We brought our daughters to the post office to apply on June 6th. I checked status online about a week later and entered our email for status. Almost exactly 3 weeks later we received confirmation that they were in process. The website indicates normal (non-expedited) processing in the 4-6 week range so I'm not going to stress until mid-July.
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Mine was showing up as scheduled. Both of my kids' this year didn't show up until they were SENT.
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My family applied last fall and we recieved our passports & birthcerificates together in approximately 14 days. My Mom applied for a passport card late in states on-line that is is being processed. I registered my e-mail for an update, since we sail July 4th, it said I would get a response in 24-48 has been a week. The on-line service apparently is useless. I guess it will get here, when it gets here....good time they are not needed at this time.
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