Lanyards and pins

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What info can you share re pins for a first timer?

Lanyards--how else can you do the card without a lanyard?

What size dimensions is the cruise card?

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The KTTW card is about the size of a credit card. Some people use a lanyard but I refused to (it reminded me too much of the one I had to wear for work). I carried a small handbag that held my camera and my card. My son-in-law put his in his wallet.

They sell the pins on board although I did not see as many people on the ship wearing them as I saw at WDW. I'm not into the pins. Maybe someone who is can give you more info.
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At least based on the Magic, they have a pin kiosk open limited hours and a few in the shops. No trading with the staff mostly, maybe 2 people had them on last cruise.
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In your Navigator there should be at least one Pin trading meet in the evening. Sometimes they call it Officers Pin Trading. Usually 3 or 4 Officers will trade pins with you, plus anyone who may show up to it will like to trade pins.

I always join a roll call thread for my cruise and ask if anyone there wants to trade pins and then we set up our own meet on board and exchange pins. Last november on the Fantasy we had 8 ladies and 2 kids that traded. It was alot fo fun, I came back with 23 new pins.

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We were on the Magic and we bought our pins in the gift shop. You can also get the on eBay before the cruise (much cheaper). We also traded with Officers. Many of them had pins.
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Are you saying trading Disney pin for another Disney pin or are you also trading for a regional pin ie New York, non-Disney? I am confused about pin trading.
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Originally posted by cruzisme
Are you saying trading Disney pin for another Disney pin or are you also trading for a regional pin ie New York, non-Disney? I am confused about pin trading.
Just Disney. Although we have a Disney pin that has NY with the date on it because that was the port. We also have a Castaway Cay one but they have Disney character on the. Check out
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Concerning the pins. We have been involved in a few service organizations and have attended the state and national conventions. Both had trading pins. Spent a lot of money on them and had a great time at the moment. Now look at them and sometimes wonder why? Worth about 2 cents if that in a garage sale. Looking back, was it worth it? We had a lot of fun and it was like anyt else. Pay to ride the ride, have your thrill and enjoy. Every now and then we will go thru our junk and come across the vests that they are on and it brings back memories. I guess it is better than investing in drinks that you just pi$$ away.

What the pins were really worth was a opportunity to meet other people and get involved. Priceless.
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Canada's West Coast
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I agree with previous poster that the pins will bring back good memories.

I too have pins from Scouting to sports events that our city has sponsored and yes, the memories are there.

It would be fun to see the pins being traded.
North Carolina
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I purchased lanyards for my grandsons. They are too young to carry a KTTW card so I have been looking online for some sort of Disney template to make a "fake" card to insert in the plastic sleeve of the lanyard. Does anyone know where I might find something to use?
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Does that help?
probably isn't the most recent one but could that pass with the grandsons?

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Glad that I found the topic on pin trading for DCL. I pin trade on occasion when I travel to Disney World and thought it would be cool to do it on DCL. I had a pin lanyard but it conveniently became my cast member ID lanyard when I worked for Disney and then it became my car keys lanyard and has since been retired from my keys.

In any case, its going to be cool to give this a shot on our 2014 cruise!

As far as KTTW cards on a lanyard, I ended up doing the lanyard route when I was on Royal Caribbean. I kept misplacing my SeaPass in bed or randomly in a bag that I had taken into port and thus it kept making me panic. It was bad. In the lanyard, it was awesome, at night I just hung the lanyard on the bed light that way it was easily accesible. When you share a stateroom with 3 other females it ends up getting confusing with all of our things all over the place!
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On Carnival, we always got one somehow on the ship, I'm guessing by applying for a CC or listening to a talk. We didn't plan for Disney, it was a PITA! I already bought ours, I found Mickey, Princess, and Tinkerbell ones at Home Depot months ago. Assuming my toddler doesn't lose them...we'll use them. But I did see them at the Dollar Store.

I think I'll let dd carry hers from LAST CRUISE around, if she wants (she's in the be like mommy/daddy stage). I was thinking of giving her the new one, but since it can open the door, and has the room number, better now. Plus, maybe it'll confuse people! (since she'll be with us, not alone, I'm not worried about people calling her name). If the card didn't open the door, I'd be tempted to let her carry it in case she did get lost...

I think printing a KTWW world card with whatever info you want would be a great idea!
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My friend found these photos online and used publisher. I printed 2 copies of each and pasted them to some tag board. I'm thrilled with the results. The lanyards came from Etzy and she customized the length for me.

Thanks for your input.
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My wife likes a small waterproof canister for her card, and I have seen people get a hole punch in the card, not the magnetic strip and hook that to something like a belt.
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