Atlantis Rio Cruise

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Citrus Springs, Fl.
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Gee, its getting closer.......and no one is posting? Rodraad, even you are quiet........Me I am getting sooo excited , and must admit the hang gliding will be the high point...wont have to go potty for a month after I scare the living pasta out of myself.
Very curious to see what Oceania is like, but wondering is a gay charter really provides an accurate picture of what a ship is like.
Flying American from Miami to Buenos Aires........saved the pennies and opted for Bid ness TA got me a real cheap rate on it...Hope Americans seats are comfy...would be nice if they had flat sleepers......excuse me there flight attendant Sir......paleeeze tuck me in....oh, flight attendant.........well I can dream cant I.......LOL
Hoping this dream cruise will be as fabulous as a dream should be.......ending in a beach in Rio covered in speedos..........quick get me a cosmo, no make that a double, a one should look that good in a spa doooo....make that three doubles........ahhhhh no too do my impersonation of a T rex on the beach....... LOL
Boston, MA, USA
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Everyone should start the process of getting visa for Brazil NOW.
Each city that has a Brazilian Consulate has different operating
rules. Some take cash, some only take bank checks. Some only
accept 20 applications per day. It took me four visits to the office
before I got my US passport back with a visa.
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rodraad's been waiting for an email as promised from Bertha (oh rodraad's mind has considered many possibilities on this one)

and yes rodraad mailed in his Brazillian Visa application
There's a three week processing time at the Toronto office

I am looking forward to getting Atlantis shore excursions info

It's not a vacation unless I go jet skiing at least once

And we already had one snowstorm in the Great White North
Boston, MA, USA
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Peter and Frank bought two seats for Monday Night at $275. each.
We immediately were charged for them.
It was explained on message from Atlantis exactly what the seats were.
HotAtlanta, are you having doubts that RICH will not come through?
Understand that tickets are not printed early because of counterfeiting.
We too are on DL60/01mar GIG-ATL.
See ya on board.
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Originally posted by CruisngPeter
Peter and Frank bought two seats for Monday Night at $275. each.
We immediately were charged for them.
It was explained on message from Atlantis exactly what the seats were.
HotAtlanta, are you having doubts that RICH will not come through?
Understand that tickets are not printed early because of counterfeiting.
It's not that I don't trust Rich, as I know that he is doing/will do what he can. The problem (inherent in any such purchase) is whether or not the tour operator who has promised Rich the tickets actually gets them. I'm not trying to sow doubt, but this is a huge venture for the local groups involved, and the rule of supply and demand will prevail. If for some reason, any snafus arrive, (whatever that might be), Rich has no real leverage and is at the mercy of those who promised their services to him. I'm not worried about the money (Credit chargebacks negate that risk), I'm just worried that Rich's provider somehow doesn't come through.

Rich himself made a similar comment, albeit half in jest, when remarking about the cash outlay that he was experiencing in securing that number of tix for his pax. The quoted amount was something north of $150K. Rich has been up front about the fact that he is only charging face value + the amount to cover his CC processing fees, and is essentially not making a profit on these. That's a huge cash risk for Rich, given that he never promised the availability of Sambadrome tix when he sold the cruise, and really could have just pointed us in the direction of other vendors. That was the way the Athens Olympics tickets were handled, and no one seemed to think less of him for it.

Therefore, his work towards getting Sambadrome tix for the pax is an unexpected surprise, and one that he should be commended for. Granted, there is a slight difference to the way those two events are marketed and sold to international travellers, and there was more certainty that legitimite Olympics tix could be had in the open market. However, the issue remains that Rich did not have to do this on his own, and certainly not by putting a low six-figure outlay at risk on his part. It's just one of those things that is at the top of my, "What can go wrong" list, and I'll be very happy once I have the tix in hand.

Hopefully we'll meet before we get on the flight home.
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Originally posted by rodraad
I've been told my cruise package and Parade tickets will be waiting for me on the ship. This is fine with me.
I wasn't expecting to get them any other way. (who wants the risk of losing them between Brazil, the US, then back to South America).
Las Vegas
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The 'Warning Visa' thread morphed into predictions of entertainment. I think it was RMSOly mentioning that flying a guest to Rio would be cost prohibitive. A check of a couple Carnivale site shows that a few divas will be down there for the circuits that accompany Rio...
Citrus Springs, Fl.
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Gee, all I want is Patti Labelle, Bette Midler and Dolly Pardon as the entertainers at night and the actor from Transporter...Jason Stratham to tuck me in at night. Now that would be heaven on earth and sea.....
Hey there Rich Cambell........I'll throw in a few bucks to cover the associated costs.........especially for the tuck in service...sigh.
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Hello everyone, Michael and I are really looking forward to this cruise as well. We will be on the Feb 15th, United Flight 0855 LAX to Chicago to Buenos Aires, we will be in seats 2A and 2B for these flights. When we are in Buenos Aires we will be at the Wilton Palace Hotel and at the end of the cruise we will be at the Guanabara Palace Hotel in Rio. I have enjoyed many Atlantis Cruises in the past including the Med Cruise for the Olympics and last years "Largest Gay Cruise Ever" in the south Caribean (Michaels first Atlantis Cruise), but we both think that this cruise will be the most different based on the smaller ship size as well as the ports. We look forward to seeing you all on board.

New York City
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I live in NYC & got my visa in 1 day at the consulate in Manhattan a couple of weeks ago. My roommate, who lives in LA, told me it took him a couple of weeks to get his visa. Just thought I would share with all. I ordered tix also & they charged my CC. Should have them when we get aboard. I do appreciate that Rich helped to accomodate us on this event. I'm sure we will all have a great time. See you all on board.
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Citrus Springs, Fl.
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The big excitement for me on this trip is the chance to tandem Hang glide in Rio. ever since I saw the contestants on the amazing race I wanted to experience this leap of faith. What better way to loose 5 or 10 pounds by getting the you know what scared out of you.
well I was able to make reservations on line this morning and got a good rate. 178 for 2 people with a pick up right at the ship. They also offered a photo package, and t-shirt as an option....both taken.
Going to fly the morning of the excited.
Rodraad is going as well. if anyone else is interested, let me know and I will provide the web site address. I had contacted so many tour operators and they said to wait till I arrived in Rio. Konrad's site had a reservation by e-mail....I booked and got a response directly from him within 10 minutes.
Now to look into other extreme sports during this cruise....wonder what is avaiable at our other stops.
In Rio, gotta go up to the Christ the redeemer statue, Corcovado mountain as well.
can you tell I am excited!!!!!!!!!! If I live through this, then my next target is bungee jumping in new Zealand...again seen on the amazing race. If those queens on the race could do it, then this trolop can do it as well. Anything to loose weight without dieting! LOL