looking to sail the 7 day out of Rome in 6/07

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encinitas, ca
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Joined Mar 2001
Well, since our April 8th cruise got chartered we are looking at the 6/07 rome to rome. Anyone have some insight to this cruise? Thanks Julie
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We did Rome-Nice on SD some years ago. Have also done cruises in the Med with SB and others. I think you are two days wrong on the dates, as I think it is on SD II July 8th??
Capri is wonderful, so are Taormina and Sorrento. Have not been to Valetta, and have just been passing by Lipari.
I would have tried to do the week before out of Nice just for one reason. If you have never been to Portofino you have to see it -and you have to see it from the seaside. Besides you can then spend some days in Rome on the way back. It is worth spending a few days there -don't you think??
encinitas, ca
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Joined Mar 2001
Thanks for the reply. We are on the SD1 6/30 out of Rome or Civitavecchia.
ports are:
Back to Rome.

Planning on coming in early for a few days in Rome and then coming back and going either to London for a bit or staying in Italy.

I would love to see Portifino..... We will have to see what happens!

Take care
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What are you looking for, if port information, this is a great cruise

The amalfi coast rules and june is a great time to be there

Amalfi is a cute little seaside town, lemons everywhere the size of grapfruit, good shopping, a small beach in the center of town

positano one of the great coastal cities of the world, lunch at one of the fine sea view resorts is a must, our favorite is san pietro

capri (cap'-ree) not (ca-pree') is one the world great islands, it will probabaly see you to one of two tourist thngs, the blue grotto lagoon which depending on your outlooking can be kitschy and fun or touristy and a waste of time or find you taking the funacular up to AnaCapri with the masses and see the "madison avanue" like shops and great hotels. It is a fun afternoon of shopping if you are so inclined. My wife bought a glass beaded necklace last year that everyone raves about for less than 50 euros at a postcard shop (and no one evey says anything about the $600 prada sandels she just had to have and could not find anywhere in new york, go figure).

The funacular gets busy at the end of the day as most head back to the ferry/ships so we usually avoid getting crushed in the cars and waiting in line for twenty minutes or so by walkng down the hill which is surprisingly easy and provides some great views, open air cars are available for hire as well to get you back and forth to the ship.

Sorento mean sone word to my wife, dishes, some of the best ceramics in the world can be bought there, we had a bench made for our summer home there it is wonderful, we usually go to ravello to acquire ceramics and lunch at pallazzo sasso, one of the great views from a terrace anywhere

corsica would be my choice for a walk/bike trip or a day doing absolutley nothing on the balinese sun beds with an occasional break for a Thai massage

cant help you with ponza

this is a great trip and a great itinerary, we would stay in rome for a few days beforehand and settle down and see the sights and have some great food, we like to eat in the courtyrad of the hotel de russe or on the terrace of the hotel eden, there are great hotels all over the city but we are fans of the excelsior as we know the concierge there well and it is the cleanest hotel you will ever visit, even though the check out process is the slowest you will ever encounter

Transfer from rome to/from cittivichia is easiest done by private car, your ta or hotel should be able to arrange easily

Have a great sail, let us know if there is anything you are curious about and maybe we can help
encinitas, ca
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Joined Mar 2001
Wow, thank you so much for all the information Carlylecat! We will certainly enjoy our cruise. We have never sailed on SD before. We have sailed on Seabourn. I'm looking forward to a relaxing time.

If I have anymore questions I know who to email first!

Thanks again