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OMG! It's all a matter of personal perspective. If "mid range" restaurants are Outback, Longhorn and Roadhouse, I would hate to see what low end in your area equates to.

In NYC, Chicago and San Fran, these 3 would be low end for sure. Ruth's is a mid class and Morton's a bit better and Peter Lugar's is in our higher end tier.
I'm from Kansas, where your steak may have come from, and here those restaurants are mid to high mid range (Longhorn) here. There aren't a whole lot of nicer steak places to go. Cost of living differences I'm sure play a part. Our 2400 sq foot home with a good sized lot would have only been 600 a month if we had done a 30 year mortgage. Many people in Kansas live on under 20,000 a year so $100 steak dinners aren't exactly in their budget when they might take home less than $1000 a month.