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Originally posted by mbhobbs09
I have heard horror stories of people being shocked/devastated at the end of their cruise by the charges they have accrued during the cruise....

Would the majority of this come from onboard drinks?
I'm curious to hear anyone else's experience .... and also a little worried we will rack up a huge tab before we know it on things I didn't budget for.
Looking at the TV account of charges and thinking "I was at what bar last night at what time?"
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Originally posted by Krazy Kruizers
We were on a cruise a number of years ago and the man in the cabin next to us was stunned when he got their bill and discovered that his wife and daughter spent a fortune in the beauty parlor and spa area.

It amazes me that people even use the overpriced spa services lol

No need for $200 facials or massages

I guess because I get great monthly facials and massages for $59 at a well run gorgeous clean spa run by an Eastern European trained esthetician That I'm just spoiled

I never get the hard sell either

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Originally posted by luvtheships
It amazes me that people even use the overpriced spa services lol

No need for $200 facials or massages

I guess because I get great monthly facials and massages for $59 at a well run gorgeous clean spa run by an Eastern European trained esthetician That I'm just spoiled

I never get the hard sell either

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The spa services (as with the photographer and most on board retail outlets) are third party contractors. As they are not cruise line employees they earn their income directly and only from the services they provide - thus the hard sell.
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Originally posted by leaveitallbehind
The spa services (as with the photographer and most on board retail outlets) are third party contractors. As they are not cruise line employees they earn their income directly and only from the services they provide - thus the hard sell.

Yes I know that and that's just one reason why I would never use the shipboard spa service in addition to the prices. Hard sell is a no go as far as I'm concerned and even if telling ahead of time no hard sell I would still be uncomfortable.

I guess some people see it as something very special and therefore is supposed to be expensive

I see facials and massages at great prices as part of my pre vacation as well as monthly ritual in addition to mani pedi etc

I would hate to waste valuable sea day time in the spa or port time there. Not happening

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I go to the Spa on the ships for novelty value & when they are running special offers. Way better value on land

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Originally posted by leaveitallbehind
Very true, but they would not be a surprise on the bill at the end of the cruise unless the one purchasing them did not tell their significant other - if one was traveling with them - that the purchase was made.
Yeah, or they had too much of the free champagne (sparkling liquid), thought they paid $500 and didn't realise they paid $15000 for a disney print.
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I've found the cheaper the cruise line the more they nickel and dime you. Turn your phone off, don't buy any pictures, drink the water off the ship, enjoy the meals in the standard dinning rooms, and limit your drinks. You will still have lots of fun.

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I think most people lose track of how much they drink and that's where the shock comes from.

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The only shock I've had when getting my statement on the last morning was being charged for a bottle of wine that we shouldn't have been charged for. The person at passenger services desk was unable to get it off the bill--so I had to dispute it (successfully) with the cruise line after getting home. We've had similar mistaken charges added to our account, but those have been earlier during the cruise, when we had time to get them corrected on the ship.
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No shock with Regent, you have paid up front for everything. No extra's for excursions, drinks, gratuities, no photographer on the ship. The only surprise will be if you are unwell, or have an accident and need to see the doctor or use medical services as to a non north Americans this will give you palpitations.
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The biggest shock that I ever had was not about the amount of the bill but the sheer length of it on my first cruise with the drinks package. They listed every single drink order during the entire cruise. A good sized tree gave its life to print that bill! It was nice to see all those zeros on the bill but WOW, I must have had a REALLY good time! No wonder my liver wouldn't speak to me for next few weeks........ or Mrs. Dawg.
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I think we've hit most of the "surprises" here. Sure, in reality they are not surprises but they could still be a mini shock. A $10 drink by the pool is cheap for the afternoon until you find out that your DH had a couple too. Then you stopped for a drink of wine on the way to dinner because the setting was so romantic. Now, the t-shirt sale. That is a "can't be missed" sale. Who knew 10 shirts (each) would add up. Honey, we don't need a photo plan we don't even plan on buying any pictures. OMG - that is the best formal picture we have taken in years. Let's get a copy of that for mom and dad too.

Then, of course, you get the scenario where the guy is drunk and keeps buying drinks for his new friends. He was drunk, how would he know much he was buying. Then the aspirin from the gift shop the next day. Sure, $10 but was a necessary deal.

Bingo! You can get one set of card for only $10 but for $30 you can get 3 games plus the bonus card. Come on mom, play with me. I'll pay. It isn't that much.

The spa, of course. Or the beauty salon. Does everyone want an ice cream? Did you know you could order room service for free? Ya, you can get a whole set up of crackers and cheese.

Honey, one splurge. We might never get back to Hawaii again. Let's take the helicopter excursion tomorrow - plllleeeaassseeee.

OMG - did you even SEE that beautiful ring. Do you remember when we got married and didn't have any money you promised me a real diamond on our 10th anniversary and this is coming up our 15th.

And the casino - you just put your cruise card in and play. What could be easier.

DAY TWO: LOL - it is easy to get sucked in on your first cruise if excitement takes over.

At the end of one cruise we were sitting waiting to get off and this one couple was discussing their bill. How expensive it was (a Tahiti cruise) and I just quietly sat there hoping DH didn't come back to hear and ask.... "so, how much were those earrings and that necklace?" I'll tell you, way more then that couple's bill. For some unknown reason I seem to only buy jewelry on ships. About the only place I wear it too.

Doing anything for the first time things can be missed or unexpected just like on a land cruise.

Oh - here's one for me personally. My grown son with his wife and baby are in the next cabin. As we are checking in he turns to me and says "mom, I need to use your credit card". Why? "well, he says like I'm an idiot, my credit card doesn't have enough of a limit to pay the tips and excursions. Ah. My daughter, husband and two kids.... Kim, what are you doing. Trying to figure out if we have enough money to pay the tips and excursions. Heavy sigh. Here, use mine. Is that what you guys all mean by an unexpected on board charge?
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Originally posted by sanger727
As others have said, outside from kids running up arcade bills it's hard to be surprised by charges.
On some lines you are allowed to place spending limits on kid's ship cards.
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One of my favorite stories about my father is that he was settling the bill as we all went to the dining room for breakfast. He was perusing the multiple page bill when the waitress asked him what he would like to and he replied "a resuscitator".
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I think with first time cruises it is the drinks...they add up over a few days. Want all the pictures.
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My son spent $100 in the arcade on the Breeze last year. Carnival shut him down, I'm so glad they did. He knew he was in trouble before we did. He lost all his tickets, we gave them to his brother.

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The only way to be 'shocked' at the final bill is to have no budgeting awareness. There is no way I could go on a trip and make so many purchases without having a general idea of the amount spent.