Cruise Packing Tips : Unusual, Strange But Essential Items To Pack (video)

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In my latest video I talk about 21 unusual, strange and unexpected, but essential, items that one should pack and take with them on their next cruise. How many of them will you be taking and why? Got any others you think are missing from the list? Love to hear your thoughts!
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This is a nice and helpful well done video, but your second tip advice on power strips is absolutely wrong. Power strips with surge protectors are expressly prohibited on all major cruise lines that I know of. Your tip is a good one as there are some options like non surge protected multi outlets or multi USB port chargers, but your depiction of surge protector power strip with outlets is bad advice as these will usually will get confiscated by the cruise line (not always). There is plenty of lively discussion on the topic on the cruise critic boards.


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Tom W.
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Great job but I am one that travels with just a carry on as we don’t want to pay the fees or have lost luggage so all 4 of us bring 4 carryons. I bring the bare necessities and on vaca there is no tablets. And e reader yes but my kids are there to enjoy what is being offered not to watch movies or TVs. I know many disagree but we like this.

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