HeinBloed Blog 2018: 3 x Hamburg-Southampton or vv on QV, QM2 and NCL JADE

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The new blog on QUEEN VICTORIA starts at our traditional line which we will sail three times in 2018.

Hamburg, Germany - Southampton, England

One sailing on each: QUEEN VICTORIA, QUEEN MARY 2 and finally on NORWEGIAN JADE.

First due to my birthday on QUEEN VICTORIA. After the desaster due to my 50th birthday on BRITANNIA I did not want to spend any birthday again on a ship.

But a very great price which I could get in Switzerland, I changed my decision to spend another birthday on a ship.

First we went to Hamburg, Germany: Schedule change due to rail constructions sites and as consequence an over-crowded ICE High Speed Train...

but there was a lovely train manager who kept the whole train well entertained between Frankfurt, Germany and Hamburg. Just great. And a 1st-class-stewardess who made me a coffee sundae even they had no whipped cream onboard.

In Hamburg we had my pre-poned dinner.

More perfect a voyage could not start:

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First we need to go to the historical maritime traffic sign "Kugelbake" to Cuxhaven, Germany. Then heading for shipspotting.

An upgrade that makes you asking yourself: what might be better: an obstructed view or a cabin above the theater?

2008 then on the Tandem-Transatlantic with QUEEN ELIZABETH 2 and the first meeting of the three Queens in New York, NY - that was long time ago.

Something changed to very nice. But some still unchanged.

Meeting again Agata from the Front Desk. Making new friends liek Adam, Joaquim, Malnia, Shailendra and Rudy.

With the food onboard you feel perfectly well. Only I still hate the traditional dining sittings especially when I was allocated to the 1st sitting.

Apart of that it was the perfect start to a nice birthday weekend!

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Vale of Glamorgan
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Thanks for posting, I hope you enjoyed the trip as much as we did.
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It continues at day 2 of the voyage on QUEEN VICTORIA at my 52nd birthday.

A very nice day.

Many nice and great crew members who were taking care of me: Ivan, Dejan, Joaquim, Ramkrishna, Odis, Mark, Alex, Edu Cotaco, Justin, Crizaldo, Marcelo, Jaime, Jessie, Sadhki, Felix and Marie.

Especially it was nice to meet Sojan again whom we knew from our last voyage on QUEEN VICTORIA.

And one was singing all songs of the show when I asked for the lists of the song: James Brumby.

A perfect day.

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Hampshire, England
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Good morning Heinbloed.

Good to see another blogger on the boards, especially on who's happy to post his personal photographs.

Well done.
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Cruising is in the Blood

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Arrival in Southampton, England. Unfortunately we had to get off the QUEEN VICTORIA.

One more time they pampered me with my favorite breakfast. Thanks to Demetrio, Remar, Rafal Florjanczyk and Aziz Inegmirs.

Tony of Clifford Cars got us as usually and took us to the Bus Station.

Bruno went to Heathrow to fly back home. His work was waiting.

I headed to London, England and tried to exchange the invalid 10 GBP-banknotes.

Furthermore I went on the Eurostar towards Brussels, Belgium

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The last part of the voyage took me back to Cuxhaven, Germany: Collecting Bruno's parents.

Originally I should go to Eemshaven, The Netherlands... but there was someone who ensured that NORWEGIAN BLISS sailed to Sweden but to prepare me a Cesar's Salad...

In Hagen, Germany Bruno's parents were brought together again with Hans-Hermann and Carmen while I was waiting again for a bag.

So the voyage comes here to the end until we see Sigi and Bruno's parents again on QUEEN MARY 2 to celebrate Bruno's 50th birthday.

Meanwhile I am back on the Princess-Blog from GRAND PRINCESS.

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The blog to the voyage on QUEEN MARY 2 Hamburg, Germany - Southampton, England starts.

In Blankenese (a suburb of Hamburg): This time staying overnight in the Strandhotel (Beach hotel) and having a great dinner at the Fischclub (Fish club).

With a perfect farewell to MY MSC MERAVIGLIA.


Time again for Hamburg, Germany - Southampton, England. In March we went on QUEEN VICTORIA and now we see the difference to QUEEN MARY 2. We used her so far only for Southampton - Hamburg but from Hamburg it was really a big difference.

My birthday was celebrated on QUEEN VICTORIA and now Bruno's 50th birthday followed on QUEEN MARY 2.

Meanwhile we had many friends with Cunard and so it were two very nice days onboard of QUEEN MARY 2 with Attila, Chef Roen, Anna, Puneer, Abdulsharief, Vijay, Rose, Joy, Dereck, Elvis with all the Hamburgers who provided us really a great farewell ceremony although we had rain and fog.

A part of the crew was obviously still under the influnce of the German Rock singer Peter Maffay... I would be also out of service after 5 days with all Peter-Maffay-fans...


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The day 2 of the blog on QUEEN MARY 2 continues: Bruno's 50th birthday - again with a greeting from the Captain.

So we could go with his parents to Tea-Time and experienced a great dinner in the Kings Court Alternative Dining.

We had so many great friends: Attila and Chef Roen made sure that we had an unforgettable evening: a great dinner and especially a great birthday cake.

Thanks to Luis and his team with Paula, Elena, Anna, Katrina, Jose, Sunny, Mark, Jonas, Christian, De Los Angeles, Prince and from the Galley Arnel, Serre, Victorino, Michael who really pampered us.

And the whole day I had my reunion party: Grzegorz, Paneet, Monica (aside from Regine), Adam, Genny, Geruhadou, Alfret, Sinobuhle, Anfisa, Raj.

And dare that you mention that you liked something when Vijay was around: that was the call to be indulged.

Onboard we experienced a nice service of our cabin steward Edwin and Ruel delivered a wonderful service at the Tea-Time.

A great show "Walk Like a Man" came to the end and it was time again to say good-bye.

A wonderful day - only the weather could be better.


Day 3 on QUEEN MARY 2 and arrival in Southampton, England.

Very nice: the sunrise over Portsmouth, England, and the arrival of BRITANNIA.

We need to celebrate Abdulsharief's birthday onboard. And finally we need to say hello to Dinesh whom we knew from previous cruises.

Tony took me again very liable to the airport to collect the rental car.

We headed for Jamie Oliver at Jamie's Italian in Reading, England.

Then we received the bad news: Closure of the Hamburg Airport due to electric power failure. So we suspended our program.

My program ended at Gordon Ramsey and later in Berlin, Germany... in a better Youth Hostel... right after QUEEN MARY 2.

The next blog: NORWEGIAN JADE end of June 2018 from Southampton, England to Hamburg, Germany.

And the next time Cunard. QUEEN ELIZABETH end of 2019 and then in the Britannia Club which we like to try.


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