Flying into Orlando and driving to Fort Lauderdale

Florida Departures

Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami & Port Canaveral & Tampa
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Originally posted by Pyrate13
You don't mention if your return flight is from Ft L or Orlando. Personally, unless there is a huge price difference I would fly directly to Ft L. A lot less stress in my book. $200 more for airfare would not do it for me. The round trip drive from Orlando to Ft L alone makes paying the extra flight $ worth it. Even one way, with drive time, car rental cost, tolls, fuel, it's still worth the extra flight cost. JMHO

I have not booked our flights yet, and yes, totally agree on the ease of just flying into FLL is worth the extra money. We have not sailed out of FLL before, so this airport and cruise terminal is new for us. I'm not really concerned on the way back as we will have all the time we need since we will not fly home until Monday. Thank you for the help, I really appreciate it.
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You can make a fun trip out of the drive down if you take US27. A few attractions and make a short day out of it. Something to consider. But if you driving down same day as cruise, I would just fly in to fll
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We did the reverse in October going Ft Lauderdale to Melbourne to cruise on Oasis. We took 95 until we got out of FLL area and then cut over to the 1 at Deer Field and did the slow drive up the coast. It did take a little more time, but was a lot more interesting with plenty of places to pull off, eat, etc.