Pizza on Princess has gotten really bad

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Originally posted by Lucky TGO
Say it ain’t so. I always like the Pizza. I do like the pizza at Alfredo’s best of all.
As we posted, there did not seem to be any change in the Alfredo Pizza seemed to be the same as in past years. And I am still a big fan of their Calzone.

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Originally posted by Hlitner
Sad to say, but they are no longer using that kind of cheese. We used to think that Princess pizza compared favorably to NYC pizza. But now, its almost like they are using artificial cheese or some kind of very low fat product. it sucks!


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I just departed the Emerald and I agree that the pizza is not as good.
One day we had the four cheese pizza as it came out of the oven and it was not bad, but otherwise the pizza is not very IMO.
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Originally posted by Homosassa
For those of you that come from a part of the USA where the cheese on the pizza is plastic processed "pizza" cheese toppings, the "grease" on the Princess pizza comes from using a real cheese that loses the milk fat as it cooks. It is common in pizza that actually uses cheese and not the stuff that many USA chains use (of course, their clientele wouldn't know the difference).

I would be sad to hear that the Princess recipe has changed.

By the way, don't ever cruise MSC and have the pizza - they also use real cheese with the resultant milk fat ooze on top.
I always thought that pizza was only good if you had trails of fat running down to your elbows!
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Doing the Sea Princess out of Sydney. Can we expect that the princess supliers are the same world wide. I can't imagine. Please do not mess with my wife's go to snack!! 😂
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Princess pizza has never ever ever been good pizza. What it is: is the best freely available pizza on a cruise ship. A land based restaurant would be out of business within three months if they had the pizza freely available from cruise ships. Again... I repeat... Princess Pizza is not good pizza!

Now, let's talk shrimp cocktails...
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Originally posted by voljeep
Agreed - way too greasy usually for us - have to take napkins to wipe it away - not really worth it.
Pizza is free.....napkins are free.
Don’t understand the “not really worth it” comment.

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Just off Regal too, pizza was horrible! Alfredo's was delicious. Used to be my favorite deck snack. I'm from NY & know my pizza!

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Originally posted by richsea
I always thought that pizza was only good if you had trails of fat running down to your elbows!
Yep, fat is flavor. Flavor is good. Fat does not make you fat. Too much fat makes you fat.
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Originally posted by AE_Collector
Pizza is free.....napkins are free.
Don’t understand the “not really worth it” comment.

One less person to clog up the pizza line. I take this as a positive.
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Years ago, on the Ruby, the pizza was the Good princess pizza.
Last time on Princess, NOT so much. As others are describing. : (
I have also heard of lessor quality ingredients and loss of good pizza chefs.

The pizza at Alfredos was better on out last cruise than the bad stuff on deck.

But still not that good authentic italian pizza that Princess used to be known for.
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Now I don't feel like it was me. We were on the Regal in September and pizza is always our go to meal when we first board the ship. Have always enjoyed it...even the grease dripping off. This time....ewwwwww. I agree with others. It just didn't taste right. The pepperoni was really weird too Told our friends who we usually cruise with and they couldn't believe it. Leave on the Royal on Wednesday and hoping that the pizza is better, but I'm not feeling optimistic
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This is sad to hear. We always love the pizza on deck but hate the pizza in Alfredo's. From the comments here, it looks like we need to give Alfredo's another try. As has been said before, real pizza is dripping with fat. As in NY, you just need to dab it with a napkin before you eat it.
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Sorry to hear this as we always eat pizza a couple times a cruise. Last month the pizza tasted off to us on the Emerald. It was dull and did not have the flavor we have enjoyed in the past. Thinking it might have been an off day I tried a slice another day and it still didn't taste right. I was kind of hoping that the recipe change was limited to the Emerald but it sounds like it's the same on other ships. Another favorite food on Princess ruined.
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Originally posted by geoherb
I've never understood the raves that the pizza gets on Princess. Once or twice a cruise, I will eat a slice. It's OK for a mid-afternoon snack.
We only started cruising in 2011. We have cruised 8 times - all with Princess. Other than Alfredo's or Cafe Corniche we have always found the pizza to be terrible. Any time we've had Lido deck pizza it was mostly tasteless. Very disappointing.
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For many years Princess had a VP of F&B who was a real superstar.
He left the company a few years ago, resulting in a slow downward spiral for Princess food quality.
I wonder how low they can go.