scrappers: what pictures to take during cruise?

Cruise Memorabilia
Are you collecting items from cruise ships? How about some memories of old ships?
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Derbyshire england
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When leaving the ship on port days, I always get DH to stand next to the sign that says the ship will be leaving tonight at xx time for [next location] and it's also useful to confirm all aboard time later in the day!!!!
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After the first 2-3 cruises I realized that a lot of places tend to look the same after a while. Blue waters, palm trees, colorful buildings.....Then when I get home and print out my photos, it got to the point that I couldn't recall exactly what the photos were of.

So now, before we leave, I print out the date and which island we're heading to that day (or if it's a sea day) on an index card and I take a photo of it first thing that morning. That way, once the photos are printed, I can organize them by day and know exactly which island they were from.

I also have to get in the habit of actually being IN the photos as well. So far, it looks like my husband and two boys have had a ball on several cruises. But I am in very few of them.
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NCL-Dawn 8/19/06 (Nassau/Bermuda/Great Stirrup Cay)
Disney Magic 4/12/08 (St. Thomas/St. Maarten/Castaway Cay)
RCL Monarch 6/29/09 (Nassau/Coco Cay)
NCL-Jewel 7/10/10 (Port Canaveral/Nassau/Great Stirrup Cay)
Carnival-Miracle 8/10/11 (Nassau/Grand Turk/Half Moon Cay)
Disney Fantasy 6/23/12 (Cozumel/Grand Caymen/Costa Maya/ Castaway Cay)
HAL-Veendam 8/19/12 (Bermuda)
NCL Sky 8/18/14 (Grand Bahama Island/Nassau/Great Stirrup Cay)
NCL Dawn 8/14/15 (Bermuda)
RCL-Majesty 7/29/16 (Nassau/Coco Cay)
Carnival Horizon 8/8/18 (San Juan/Amber Cove/Grand Turk)
NCL Escape 8/11/19 (Bermuda)
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Originally posted by Scrapnana
I have started taking pictures of license plates at the places we visit. It makes a great title shot for a layout. I also like to take pictures of the art work (not the art auction stuff but the decorative art around the ship). Another fun one is unusual shapes on a ship - the funnel, a curving staircase, etc. Many years ago one of the scrapbook magazines had a layout called "Ship Shapes" and I have used that idea each cruise.
License plates...very cool!
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Similar to the index cards and daily going ons...

1. Picture of day in the elevator
2. Silly interactions with statues
3. Just finished my honeymoon cruise book...I used all info about ports that the cruise ship had instead of journaling.. It was a med cruise so very good stuff.
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Some of my most favorite pictures are of us just acting goofy around the ship or on excursions. I actually scrap some of the pictures that should be tossed; like eyes have closed, making ugly faces, etc. I title the pages Carnival Enquirer or Carnival Paparazzi.

I have pictures of: my DD planking on a Mayan "Ruin" on Carnival's Inspiration. Her BFF is meditating on his head.
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I've completed 15 scrapbooks so far for only 6 of my cruises. My 10 day Scandinavia/Russia cruise took up 6 of those scrapbooks. I take pictures of EVERYTHING. I'm always among the first 100 to board the ship and head straight up to the buffet for lunch so that we can finish quickly and then head out to explore the ship and take pix of all the different venues without people in them. I want to see the places not a bunch of people I don't know blocking the view. At times I've been able to get pictures walking up the gangway to the ship on embarkation day. I like to get pics of the days of the week in the elevators. I take pictures on all my excursions. I buy postcards and save every paper the ship gives us. When I'm scrapping I think my favorite day to scrap is embarkation day since I put in my SeaPass, luggage tags and other items. I also keep a journal every night before going to bed and then I transfer my journal entries into my albums. It really brings the cruise to life.

Here's a link to volume 1 of my Mariner of the Seas cruise album. This was the 3rd cruising album I created done about 9 years ago.
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holiday, fla
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I write a family blog about our travels. I take tons of pictures, and if you like, feel free to visit my blog and take a look. I take enough pictures so I can do a review of the ship or of the ports. Hope it helps
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I take all of the obvious pictures of scenery and such. But, I've also started taking pictures of things to enhance my pages.

Several pics of the outside of the cruise ship. Close ups of the anchor, the huge rope tying ship to dock, any artwork on the ship, the name of the ship, etc. Those pics look cool to enhance my pages.

I take many, many pictures of signs to use as titles to my pages. Signs outside of the ship's restaurants, the photo area, the stores, etc. Basically pictures of all signs of all areas of the ship.

Also for filling in empty/blank spaces on my cruise travel pages, I take pictures of kind of odd things, but they sure look good as embellishments on my pages. Pics straight down at the water from deck. On my recent alaska cruise I took close ups of logs on the beach and closeups of tree branches with pinecones on them. Close-ups of the sand would look good, also. Then I cut wide strips or squares of these things to use to enhance my pages.

Also, for filling in or as embellishments, I use pics that didn't turn out super clear or that I have many pics of. I cut strips or squares for embellishments.

On my last cruise, I took a few non-pose pictures of staff working. I really like those pics. They work so very hard!

I took pics of our luggage on the sidewalk while waiting for our son to pick us up after our cruise. Wish i would have thought to take one of our luggage sitting by the door before leaving for our cruise.

Also took pics of the ship's flag flying high. The pretty lamps lit up on deck at night. Artwork on the promenade deck walls. Used those as page embellishments. Close ups of my feet in my pretty sandals while lying on the deck recliner. Close ups of my feet after I had gotten in poison oak while walking on a trail in Alaska. My feet were swollen, red, and ugly. Ha!!!!

I tried to visit some of the outdoor areas of the ship during non-busy times -- very early morning or evening, so I could get some nice pics of those areas without random folks in my pics. p.s. -- I do wonder at times how many photos of others' pictures I'm in.

I also request TWO of the cruise ship daily activity papers from my room steward. Then I have a nice fresh one to put in my scrapbook.
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I take pictures (close up and distance) of the souvenior stuff, Like masks plates, dolls and inside the shops and use them as lead in pictures, any local made products

What a great idea. I will have to remember to do this!
Northwestern NJ
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Last spring we took our third cruise on the Celebrity Summit to the Southern Caribbean. We'd even stayed in the same cabin before, so we didn't know what to do that was different. We had lots of pictures of the things folks mentioned here, so we decided to make it the "Cruise of Selfies"! Wherever we went, we made sure to get selfies of the two of us. They came out great!

Here's a link to some of the pages- I electronically scrapped this one!
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Taking selfies does sound like fun!!!

I did take a couple of dh and I on our alaskan cruise this past summer. They looked horribly odd! We had GIANT heads and you could see right up our nostrils!!!! ha!

We need more practice at taking selfies I decided!!!!!!
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Originally posted by vplsh
Last spring we took our third cruise on the Celebrity Summit to the Southern Caribbean. We'd even stayed in the same cabin before, so we didn't know what to do that was different. We had lots of pictures of the things folks mentioned here, so we decided to make it the "Cruise of Selfies"! Wherever we went, we made sure to get selfies of the two of us. They came out great!

Here's a link to some of the pages- I electronically scrapped this one!
Nice jobs with your selfies and your album!

I don't have long enough arms to take good selfies!
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Besides the obvious. I like pics of the backs of my family. While walking, while looking at stuff, etc
Also, this last cruise I seem to have lots of pictures of my family taking naps. In fact I have a couple of scrapbook pages titled "Sleeping in Seattle" It is one of my favorite layouts. It just shows how wore out you get having fun.
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Originally posted by Scrapnana
Nice jobs with your selfies and your album!

I don't have long enough arms to take good selfies!
Thanks!! Ha Ha! Thank goodness for a hubby with very long arms! However, I just bought a new camera that has a tilt up screen so we can see our selfies before we take them! Should cut down on the number of times we have to take pictures until we get one we like!
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Tried to take selfies with my hubby , but he kept on getting really close to the camera & making me laugh so we didn't get any . Took pics of the ship, pics of painting on rocks in Skagway . Random pics of hubby

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I made this for our cruise with thoughts our group could take pics and upload them to Instagram.. we got to busy so that didnt end up happening. But it did offer some good ideas. I think at least so LOL.

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I always take a pic with the orange life ring, so now I have quite a collage.

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I take a lot of the same pictures already mentioned.

Some others include:

* Our cabin door number, because I tend to forget this after the cruise. It comes in handy when someone on Cruise Critic asks about a certain cabin number, then I can give my opinions and pictures of the cabin. Did that about a handicapped cabin we had once. (needed for my mother).

* Name badges of crew members. It helps when filling out Hero cards during the cruise - helps with names and spelling.

* The lit-up wall deck maps. I usually take them of the floor our cabin is on so I can have a reminder of whether our cabin was on port or starboard side, front/middle/aft.

* The lit-up wall deck maps. Of the floors with public spaces (theater/shops/restaurants/bars, etc.) so I can remember layout of ship.
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Since I'm a ship spotter, I like to take pictures of everything, especially the ship interiors (normally I spend some hours after midnight - when most of ship lounges and restaurants are empty - to take these pictures).

Here are some "photo reports" of ships cruised:

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