St. Lucia-Volendam 11/19

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We are ready to book either Frank or Fabian for their island tour. Both are about US$ 160 for four. Is there another couple who would like to share? Both have excellent CC recommendations.
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We are also booked on this cruise. We have no plans for St. Lucia other than wanting to get a good overview of the island, learn about the history, its people, and culture. We also want to see the drive-in volcano and the pitons. This might work. I would be curious if you know how long their tours last? Sounds better than on a large tour bus if the prices are somewhat comparable.

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If I read the CC commentscorrectly it looks like most of the day for the tour w/ a stop for lunch. I have requested a 9am pick up and a Sofiere drop off about 3 for shopping or getting back on the ship. One couple has asked to join so far. I will check w/ Fabian regarding timing and how many passengers he can take comfortably. I am looking for Trinidad and Martinique tours to join. I'm really MSTEVE
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Fabian replied and said trip was 4-4 1/2 hours. Said it's best to return to Casteries so you can do shopping and then the Piton sailby. He can take more than 4 so it might be less than $40 pp.US cash only. Let me know if you want to join. I think 8 would be max. I suspect the trip includes a stop for lunch (we pay)
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If you are sailing on Hal you MUST return to Castries. The stop at Soufiere is only for pax that have taken a particular ship sponsored excursion.
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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. This sounds good to us. If there is still room you can put the two of us down. Let me know if and when you need any other information I like the idea of having some free time in town before we depart and the sail-by of the Pitons is a big plus. We can be in touch as the time gets closer.
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I'll get an E-Mail off to you as the time gets a little closer. DW and I spent our honeymoon at St Maartin 24 years ago & hope to visiting friends there. We have some tentative plans for Martinique & am just starting to browse some of the shore excursions from the ship, but many of them havent been posted yet. Starting to get some ideas what we want to do and see in the other ports. We are more interested in the history, culture, geography of the islands, as opposed to the "fun in the sun sports". Will definitely plan to meet before St Lucia. Maybe there will be a CC get-together.