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albury, new south wales australia
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You will have an Aussie Christmas.... very hot usually. The nights will be warm and there will be Christmas fesstivities like the "carols by candlelight" in the domain, a large park near circular quay when everyone sings carols and there is abig stage show and maybe fireworks. They should have firewords in DArling Harbour eachnight too. You must have the plum pudding and brandy sauce at the hotel for Christmas and of course a beer! the one you have booked is great. have a great time.
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The Four Season is definitely the place to stay and be seen in Sydney. Make sure to get a harbor view room. We were there last March. The price you got sounds fantastic. My second choice for a hotel is the Hyatt down the block from the Four Seasons. Our friends who were there before us liked it better than the Four Seasons. it actually sits right on the water. Either way enjoy Sydney!
Brentwood, CA, USA
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Thankyou all for your input.
We did change our minds regarding staying at the Four Seasons. The choice between staying there for around $1,000 (389 ea plus taxes) for three nights just didn't make sense when we could stay somewhere else for much less. So, I put my bid in on Priceline for a five star and came up with Sydney Harbor Marriott for just over $400 total which included the taxes, etc. Has good reviews, is close to most places, and very close to where the ship docks.

Now, I am checking out the tours to Blue Mountains. Princess tour for an 8-hour day is $72 ea but how inclusive it is, I don't know. We have no problem with the price - just don't like being on a bus with 50 other people.
I was wondering if anyone has ever just hired a cab and left it all up to the driver. I have read (in other countries/places) that this is one of the best ways to go!!
Brisbane Australia
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A cab would be very very expensive. You could hire a car. Once you get out of the city (thats the hard part!!) the drive would be fine. I could have a look and see if there are any hire car depots perhaps in the outer suburbs on the way to the Blue Mountains and you could cab it to the depot, not have to worry about city driving and then have the car for the day. Also, small group tours have become very popular in Australia- have you checked the internet to see if they run any to the BM.?
Fairfax, VA
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For Rosemary -

The Mount 'n Beach Safari tour I referred to above included a nice lunch in a hotel restaurant with a great view. We also made a coffee/tea stop in a national park where we had a chance to see kangaroos in a natural habitat.

The medium sized van picked us up at our hotel around 8 AM and dropped us off around 5:30 PM. I would guess there were around 20 of us - maybe a few less. The van was able to make it to many spots that a bus could not. The cost was $152 AUD/pp ( just over $100 USD). Based on what we saw and the service (and lunch) thought it to be a very good deal.

Brentwood, CA, USA
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Corniglia and Olderpilot
Have been scouting around on the internet. Came up with quite a few tour companies, but haven't done anything about that yet. Just gathering information as it seems so far away at present to start doing anything definite.
Good idea regarding hiring the car, but I think Brian would appreciate being driven around - then he gets to see everything as well.
In any case, I will keep checking this board to see if anyone else comes up with anything and then start in again myself later in the year.
At present, am quite happy with how things are going (except for the initial cringe when I checked out air prices).
This must be the earliest we have ever started arranging a vacation/cruise - seems wierd, like I'm wishing time away.
Thanks guys.
Orewa , Auckland , N.Z.
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If you have a spare time in Sydney,
just go down to Circurlar Quay
and jump on the ferry to Manly
This ferry leaves every 1/2 hour and it
will give you a fantastic view of Sydney harbour
plus lands you at an ideal destination
to experience Sydney lifestyle.........
Brentwood, CA, USA
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Hi, Kiwi Cruiser.
You have already given me a bunch of info on travelling to Aus/NZ, so your input is most welcome. Yes, we will have time to do that - I think! We will be arriving early in the a.m. into Sydney and then stay three nights. Hopefully, we will have slept on the plane and can hang in all day to be so wiped out that we won't do anything but sleep all night. The adreline will be pumping so should be able to manage some leisurely sightseeing on the first day and your idea sounds ideal. Then, the second day could be an all-day tour to Blue Mountains. further than that, haven't given a thought. My next area of investigation is Auckland as we want to stay there a couple of days after the cruise is over.
I always feel more accomplished if I get the hotel settled first.
Thanks again.
Orewa , Auckland , N.Z.
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The other great trip in Sydney,
that wont cost an arm or a leg,
is the the sightseeing bus from Circurlar Quay.
One bus ,
I think it is the Red Line.........
(come in Sydney siders to help me here)
goes round the City.....

the Blue or other line goes out to Bondi Beach
and is really exciting............
through the Eastern suburbs
stunning Harbour views,
Double Bay (Double Pay)....Doyles Fish Restaurant......
Bondi.......the real icon of Sydney.....
if you you want to experience real Sydney life
this is the trip to do.
You can hop on and off where you please...
I did it it in 1/2 a day,
but could have easily stretched it out to a full day.

No doubt folk from Sydney could come in here,
and give you more details.