Questions RE 3 day Sovereign of the Seas or Majesty

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I am thinking of having of quick mother-daughter trip with my 18 year old before she goes off to school this fall. She's cruised twice with us before (Celebrity Galaxy and RCL AOS). She wants to visit the Bahamas and after looking at land trip prices, I thought a cruise that goes there might be just as fun.

Since it will just be the two of us girls I was planning an inexpensive trip (she doesn't really appreciate luxury yet anyway!) and will probably book a small ocean view (no balcony). I see that the Sovereign does a 3 night from Port Canaveral, to Nassau and Coco Cay; or Majesty from Miami to Coco Cay and Nassau.

Can anyone provide details on these two ships and what is better or worse about each one? We are planning a trip for the first weekend in July. We plan on packing light and casual, and we really don't want to do formal night this time around. What are the dining options available if we chose to skip that night in the main dining room?

Thanks for your responses!
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We cruised the three night SOS a few years ago and sailed last year on her for the four night criuse. Both were so nice we are going again in Sept. for four nights. We chose the SOS over the Majesty because port Canaveral is so easy to get in and out of. You can get some great prices on the SOS. Your dining options other than the dinnig room is the Windjammer Cafe on deck 11. They have a buffet meal there for all the meals. We have never gone there for dinner. I enjoy the dinning room at night. You don't have to get supper dressed to eat there. That's one thing I love about her you will find people in beaded gowns to nice dress pants or suits. I am sure which ever ship you choose, you will have a great time.

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I think you will find people love both, in general...I haven't heard many bad comments. The 4 night absolutely wonderful...Nassau, Cocoa Cay, and Key West...just did it...and I'd jumped to do it again. Great itinerary...great ship. My 15 year old son just asked me yesterday if we could take a cruise together when he graduates high school...just him and I...I had him young and he and I have survived alot together. I, of course...without hesitation said Did someone say cruise??? Where, when??? LOL

Enjoy your time with your daughter!!!

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They are both great ships....I would just pick the one that's got a cheaper fare, and the easier access to (don't know whether you're flying or driving). I just got off the Sovereign last week, and thought she was great. We're on the Majesty alot (we can see her from our balcony at home), and don't know if I like the Sovereign better 'cause it's a bit different from the Majesty, or she's just better. You can't lose on either one though.
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Thanks for your replies! We'll be coming from Denver, and it's not quick or inexpensive to get anywhere from this land locked city! I checked on getting air through RCL for the SOS 3 day. We'd have to go in a day early and really don't want to do that as my daughter doesn't want to miss that much work. I found a United flight that would be about $450 total cheaper than getting RCL air. It gets into Orlando at 2:00 pm. Would that be enough time to get to the ship (leaves at 5:00). If that worked, I think it's about 1-1/2 hrs to the port; what kind of transportation is available?
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I travel to Denver often (business trip). I think it is a tight schedule you have there. I know the area, so I can get from MCO to port in 45 minutes, but I am not sure about travelers from out of state.

Provided the ship leaves at 5:00PM, you want to be on the ship at 4:30PM. That means you need to be at the check-in counter at 4:00PM. I hope the plane is on time. You have transportation (either a bus, a shuttle or a rental car) WAITING for you to take you to the port. I hope you booked a direct flight so there is no chance to miss the connecting flight.

It's do-able, but it will need a lot of co-ordinating

Enjoy your time with your daughter

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I haven't actually booked anything yet; just trying to figure out my options. I think I'd feel safer getting in the day before rather than working with such a tight schedule. Since this is only 2 months away, can I find out from RCL what time their scheudled flight leaves from Denver when I book or am I still at their mercy and need to wont find out until a couple weeks prior to sailing?