About to book 2014 cruise - Uniworld vs Viking

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Originally posted by JPH814

I am a 58 year old veteran ocean cruiser but first time river cruiser.

We are going with another couple on a river cruise in late September 2014 that will end with our own side trip to the Octoberfest. We have narrowed it down to a couple of itineraries - one Vienna to Nuremburg and the other Prague/Melnik to Berlin.

Variations on both cruises are available on Uniworld and on Viking. I have a couple of questions:

I see that Uniworld has announced an all-inclusive policy for 2014. I assume that Viking is not all inclusive; am I correct?

Usually - on ocean cruises - all inclusive lines are a little more upscale. Would you say that Uniworld is more upscale than Viking?

Does anyone have an opinion of one of these itineraries versus the other?

Does anyone have an opinion on one of these cruiselines versus the other?
My wife and I will be taking our second river Boat cruise our first was Uniworld and was just Fantastic We chose Uniworld again for this July
Also I understand that Uniworld is much more Upscale from Vicking

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Noticed that you have been on quite a few Uniworld River Cruises. We are going on the April 25, 2013 cruise from Antwerp to Amsterdam. Have you or anyone out there done this or planning to take this sailing? We are wondering if anyone is interested in pre/post trip itinerary?
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Originally posted by H2Otstr
Grand Circle does, too. We went on the Elbe with Grand Circle this past May. The river was very low and both Viking and Grand Circle boats got stuck because of the low water.

H20str- I don't want to hijack this thread, but I noticed you're taking the same gct trip to Myanmar and Ankor Wat that I am, only you're going one week earlier. Would love to share info/ideas with you before, during or after.
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ciao for now, travelinjudy

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We have traveled with Avalon, Uniworld and Viking. We list them in the order of which we prefer. Avalon and Uniworld were the best by far for us. Viking was a wine cruise and we had the same wines (from Viking's vineyards) every night even tho we were cruising in France thru the wine country. The food on Viking was fair only one night was very good. Most of the staff spoke very little English and it was difficult for them to understand us when we had a problem in our cabin.

That being said, we enjoy river cruising very much and with the criticism we had on Viking we still enjoyed the cruise. Choose the itinerary that is best for you
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We have only cruised with Viking but we were completely satisfied. Everything was perfect. Not one complaint. Food was great. Remember food is very subjective so what one likes others may not. Staff very attentive. Room well appointed. Heated bathroom floors were fantastic!! Tours were great. Audiovox worked perfectly. Size of groups were great. Never a down time with internet. All of our staff spoke English. Not sure if we would want the all inclusive style since we aren't drinkers and in the long run with all inclusive, you pay for it. Tipping at the end is not a big problem and it wouldn't be a deal breaker to us.
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This thread was a year old. Why is it being revived?
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I suggest you start a new thread if you are seeking information as this is old and Russia is a very specific destination.
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