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Warwickshire UK
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We generally only do longer cruises in the 10+ day range. Usually 12/13 nights but our upcoming one is 14 nights.

Your only main concern is packing more, packing pieces that you can swap and wear again or doing laundry on board. Also, I have only done one 7 day (shortest) but people say on a longer cruise there are less 'unsavoury' passenger types and it is slightly more formal as far as formal nights go. I tend to agree with this but it really depends and if your line is on the casual side and in the Caribbean this will be less of a concern anyway.

Something we have always felt on our longish cruises is it's a good amount of time to get to settle in and really get to know those on board both passengers and staff.

Naturally though...also double your spending budget!
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Southern California
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You may find it hard to go back to a 7 nighter. Assuming you are not doing a B2B, which is not much different then a 7 night. Totally different demographic and vibe on a longer cruise.
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Originally posted by Husky61
At the end of our two week cruise we are ready to leave the ship. Others may feel differently.
Agree. Love the two week cruises also. It always helps to have future cruises booked especially in the same year.
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Did our first two week cruise a few months ago. We really enjoyed it but I don't think we would do any longer than this. We were ready to go home at the end of the two weeks.
Centerville, Ohio, USA
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Be careful to not over pack for a 2 week cruise. Mix/match, laundry services on the ship are usually good and prompt, and absolutely no one is going to care if one wears the same outfit more than once! Also, watch your shoe inventory: a pair of shoes for the evening, a pair suitable for the pool--i.e. flip flops, slippers for your stateroom use, and the pair that you wear when you embark, i.e. walking type shoe that could be used if you visit the ship's gym: quite enough.
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GTA, Ontario, Canada
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it may depend on where you are going

a different port everyday then there is always something new to see
If you are just doing beach type cruise then maybe 14 days will be too long & boring
We no longer do 7 day cruise 12+ is my minimum
we have done up to 32 days & did not want to leave

So it depends on your mindset as well as the ports & things to do
I would like to do a TA but not sure if I want that many sea days in a row

Enjoy your cruise
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Our very first cruise was a fortnight- 2 weeks- and we rarely do less than that- maybe 11/12 days if it's for a special itinerary, such as Iceland. We once went on a 7 night cruise, but didn't feel we settled in sufficiently to appreciate it.
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Dallas, Texas
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We done 14 once did Europe for 12 days recently , would not want to do more ideal cruise is 10 or 11 days for us but in a suite. Had a really nice grand suite aft for Europe.
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Originally posted by Katiecruiser2
Going on our first two week cruise. Wondering about the experiences of others having been on two week cruises.
Where to, what cruise line? How many sea days or ports are in the itinerary?
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Spring Hill, FL
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Before we retired, we still had to go back to work; so our 'relaxation time' was generally less than 14 days. It just worked out best that way.
Now that we are retired, we might occasionally take something shorter than 14 days, but generally the only thing holding us back from long cruises (twice we did 42-day itineraries) is the reception we get from the cat upon our return.

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Fredericksburg, va. USA
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If you are doing two 1-week cruises, be prepared for repeats of menus and shows. And, when a 2nd batch of cruisers come aboard, the whole "feel" of the cruise will change. If you're on a true 14 nighter, nothing repeats....those things are about the only differences!
British Columbia
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We prefer longer cruises, up to 100 + day World Cruises. On a 14 day and longer you can actually get to know the ship and some of the crew, and should get a few relaxing sea days. We normally find longer cruises to be more relaxing.

On 7 day cruises we found that after 3 or 4 days the ship was turning around and you were heading back.
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Our shortest cruise was 2 nights, our longest 33 (35 booked next year) loved them all for different reasons.

Longer cruises you actually get to know people, officers, crew, passengers.

As others say it will vary between a true 14 nighter and two 7 night b2b.

For us 7 nights is a bit short, just getting relaxed and it’s time to pack, and you want to try everything in that seven nights, longer cruises you can take your time trying things.
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Originally posted by Husky61
At the end of our two week cruise we are ready to leave the ship. Others may feel differently.
I agree. For us, after 10 days we are ready to go home but everybody is different.
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San Francisco
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DW and I have done four cruises: 10, 7, 15, and 15 nights. We loved it right away. They all always feel too short. It really does depend on what you're doing. Of course, the last one felt too short because I was sick the last four days of the cruise. Oh, for more vacation time and an early retirement.
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