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Good morning. I've been reading several boards and reviews about appropriate dress on excursions off the boat. For those who have taken this cruise or anyone who could offer information about excursion dress for this particular cruise, are there any stops where women will not be allowed to wear shorts or sleeveless tops? It appears the weather will be very warm and I'd like to dress in a comfortable manner. But, I also don't want to be unable to participate in any part of the excursions. The bottom line is to prevent myself from over packing. Thanks so much for your help.
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I don’t know exactly what stops you will be making, but it is typical in many cathedrals for women with bare midriff, knees and shoulders may not be allowed in. You can wear a scarf over the shoulders. Men really need to wear pants and not shorts. This is not uniformly enforced, but if a visit to a cathedral is on the schedule, probably better safe than sorry.

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I’m going to Italy in a couple of weeks and expect it to be very hot. European people don’t seem to wear shorts (or white sneakers!) so I’m not bringing any. Am bringing a couple of pairs of cropped pants, a couple of skirts, lots of short sleeve shirts and blouses, and several dresses. I will bring a scarf but don’t expect to visit many churches.
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I took this cruise and do not recall once being told we had to dress a specific way for churches. I was there in was warm. I was usually had on capri's and tshirts.
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I’ve sailed with Avalon from Amsterdam to Bucharest, visited many, many churches and cathedrals and I have never had an issue with wearing shorts nor have I ever been advised not to wear shorts.
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Have you read the Guides provided by Avalon?

Check the country-specific guides - I'm not sure where you're going. The general Europe guide does state
Sportswear is fine during the day (there may bea restriction on shorts and bare shoulders for some religious sights, where men as well as women are requiredto cover their shoulders and legs or remove their shoes when entering temples and shrines).
We were on Avalon for a Christmas Market cruise so that issue did not apply....
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Originally posted by waldorf
I’ve sailed with Avalon from Amsterdam to Bucharest, visited many, many churches and cathedrals and I have never had an issue with wearing shorts nor have I ever been advised not to wear shorts.
Your experience doesn't contradict or invalidate anything in this thread about ladies covering their knees and shoulders when visiting places of worship. I can't think of a major religion which tourists are likely to encounter in Europe which has the same dress expectations for both men and women in its places of worship, and usually it's the women who have to cover up.

Tourists get some leeway about what they wear compared to worshippers, but that doesn't mean that the locals necessarily welcome the sight of bare knees or men wearing hats in church. It was interesting last year on the Rhine that the guides Viking used made a point of asking men to remove their hats on the couple of times a tour included a cathedral.