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Ewing, NJ
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Have you had an holiday guest horror stories? Maybe you were the bad guest?

Let's try to keep this lighthearted as possible --- we would love to hear your funny stories involving holiday guests gone wrong!

We generally don't have overnight guests - lack of space. We generally tend to spend the Christmas holiday just the four of us, relaxing in our jammies all day.

I can imagine we would be guests that could be irksome though - a high spirited almost 8 year old boy, a broody teenager, a mom who can never sleep --- who wants to invite us over

Post your response as a reply for a chance to win this week's prizes. A few winners will be selected randomly from all who participate. While all are welcome to participate, At this time we can only ship within the US. Thanks for understanding
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Haywards Heath
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I had a drunk man tell me he was going to bite me because I wouldn't hug him, he fell asleep on the hood of my coat and put his bow tie in my shoe! Strange guy...

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Dallas, TX
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When the kids were in their "dating" period, we would have some awkward girlfriends along as their guests. They never knew what to say, and were either silent stones the whole event, or talked way to much about way to personal issues. Tried to make everyone feel comfortable!
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Long Island,NY
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Approximately 17 years ago our front door bell rang .When I opened the door I saw two people with luggage .The guy was someone that I knew as a teenager but had not had contact with for more than 30 years .
He told me that a mutual friend told him that if he was ever in NY he would be welcome to spend a few nights in my home.I had never said that or anything close to that.
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We usually spend Christmas with our families out of town, where we grew up. Of course, we may be "that guest". LOL!!! We really haven't had someone who has been worthy of a "holiday horror story", but I know a few of my mother's siblings tend to "grate her nerves"...but I know for a fact that my mom grates their nerves. Not much of a horror story, just sibling squabbling.
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central florida coast
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The screen name anonymity is helpful here

It isn't that this family member is the worst guest but rather that they must have become so comfy staying for the weekend that they forgot they were among other folks.

They had a skin rash and scratched vigorously over the kitchen counters and also picked on feet while sitting in the den. The kitchen counters I got up quickly and washed and finally spoke up about the feet.

Sorry cruisers about the ew but I've been holding this in for months

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New York
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Last year my first cousin came to spend the Christmas/New Year holidays with me. She brought her little Yorkie. Almost as soon as she arrived, she came down with the worst cold just short of the flu. Between the coughing and nose blowing, it felt like a sick ward instead of the joyful holiday period I imagined. She didn't like any of the food choices I had available and insisted in eating out every day. Imagine the looks we got as she started to cough and sneeze.

Then her Yorkie left her mark all over the apartment. So, I had 2 patients! Somehow we survived the holidays and were still talking after she went home. Not one of my better holidays!

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My cousins showed up unexpectedly but that wasn't too bad because we always have plenty of food. They brought their dog who wasn't potty trained and that did not make me very happy.
London, Ontario
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Worst Holiday Guest, at home or sea - Norovirus.
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One year we decided to save money, and not drive the 3 hours over 2 mountain passes to spend Christmas with the relatives. Plus gas prices were over the top! On Christmas Eve while driving around our small town admiring Christmas lights, a motorist with no insurances side swiped our car - causing minor body damage but also sliced & flattened a tire. We had to pay for a tow truck on Christmas Eve and buy a new truck tire! We left the scrape. It would have been cheaper to make the trip!!!
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A long time ago my family had a Christmas party and everyone was feeling good and getting a bit rowdy. My parents had some not so nice neighbors so we all thought it would be fun to sing Christmas Carols outside of their house....
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Christmas party, two years ago, after a few cocktails, my wife told our friend that, "she wouldn't sue him if she stuck him with a dart" as we were playing darts at a local pub.
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The Finger Lakes
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Fortunately no holiday guests but when brother stays he is quite a messy person and I have to resist picking up after him.
Thanks for the giveaways.
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My sister-in-law is a great person...when dealing with her from long distance. She tends to be very moody and ungrateful. For our holiday meal she arrived at our house 20 minutes late, empty-handed, and with her two large dogs in tow. We had ten people for dinner and her dogs were constantly underfoot for the entire meal.

After devouring several large servings the meal everyone contributed to, but her...she had the audacity to complain that we did not do a fried turkey as well as the baked turkey and ham we provided.

A day or so later in that visit, she became very inebriated and was verbally berating my husband for several hours. Despite our warning to watch the alcohol intake, she assured us, she "Never gets sick," and consumed nearly a bottle of vodka. Needless to say, she got very sick that night...starting out in the guest room before ending up in the bathroom.

While this merriment was taking place, her dog was frantic with worry over her erratic behavior and began urinating on my carpets and rugs. It is amazing how much urine a 15 lb. dog can hold! Hopefully no one else has the "pleasure" of finding out like I did.

Roseburg, OR
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We were living across from the beach in Lahaina, Maui when I answered the door to find a couple with suitcases standing there. They said my mom told them to come stay anytime; she later said that they were distant relatives that she barely knew and didn't invite. It took almost a week to get them to leave. Changed the locks after they were gone, had some mai tais, and didn't answer the door for awhile.
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In the Valley, CA
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We try to avoid guests. the last set of guests were actually for a birthday slumber party...and my daughter's friends who were staying after the non-sleepover guests left all brought their sleeping bags. so not at the holidays, but a few of these young teenaged girls were a bit out of control. I think they freaked out one of the other girls, who disappeared overnight (turned out she had called her dad for a ride home).
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