Week of January 31: Super Bowl!!

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Not really a big football fan but will watch when one of my son's favorite team is in it. This year we will watch again since son #2 is a really big Patriot's fan, he even went to college in New England. Feel bad for rooting against Atlanta since we have a lot of family there.

Go Pat's!!!
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I don't watch a lot of pro football, but this year I'd like to see Atlanta win. We don't usually watch the Super Bowl. I've been know to go to the grocery store during the game, it's a great time to shop without a crowd!
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We typically only watch the game if we are invited to a party or shindig of some sort. Although, I do really enjoy the commercials!
Our favorite team is the Steelers, so if they were playing, that would be a comoletely different story.
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Originally posted by CC Help Jenn
Okay so it is Super Bowl week here in the states --- yay! Can you hear my sarcasm? I just am not a sports fan but I won't hate on it.

Do you watch the Super Bowl? Do you watch it for the actual game or for the commercials?

Do you have a favorite football team? Who do you think will win this game?

Post your response as a reply for a chance to win this week's prizes. A few winners will be selected randomly from all who participate. While all are welcome to participate, At this time we can only ship within the US. Thanks for understanding
We always watch the Super Bowl as we are big sports fans. We watch the actual games and always enjoy the Budweiser Commercials. We also like to gamble and enjoy getting football squares for the games.

As sad as it is to say, with living in Michigan, we are Detroit Lions fans. I think the Patriots are going to win and will also be rooting for them as we are huge Michigan fans (Go Brady).

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I do not watch the game or the commercials. I don't understand football so I don't watch it. I usually go to superbowl parties for the food and friends!
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I watch for the commercials and the half time show.
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Not a fan of pro football at all. Now if you asked about college football that is a different story. I pretty much sit in front of the tv all day every Saturday from August to December. Had a good year this year with my alma mater Penn State going to the Rose Bowl. My daughter also plays in the Clemson Marching Band so she had a great yeat..
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Will be watching from daughter's house....it is the only game I will have watched this year.
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Originally posted by pedirn
Will be watching from daughter's house....it is the only game I will have watched this year.
Don't worry, the year is still young.
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My wife & I will watch the game at home. She likes the commercials. My favorite team is the Phila. Eagles. We will be cheering for the Falcons.
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Originally posted by sandc4e
I am actually a football fan, along with a cruise addict.

1. I watch for the commercials for sure!
2. Being from New England you'd think I want the Patriots - nope GO ATLANTA. I LOVE THE COWBOYS and ANYONE who beats the Patriots.
Ditto! 1. I love football but Cowboys are my favorite
2. I'm from New England too but I'm sick of the Patriots. Give someone else a chance LOL!
3. The commercials are outstanding!
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I won't be watching. I don't really care to watch football or have people try to sell me something in my living room.
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Not a pro football fan...my football watching season ends with the college championship game. However, since my wife and I both have roots in New England, we gotta root for the Patriots.
Penney Farms, FL
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We usually watch the Super Bowl. Occasionally we watch for the game and have a stake in it. If we don't care who wins we watch for the commercials. We wish the Cowboys had made it as they are our team.
Southern California
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Originally posted by BDRebel
I won't be watching. I don't really care to watch football or have people try to sell me something in my living room.
Have you considered moving the TV to a different room?
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Love the question/post abut this awe-inspiring Superbowl Sunday event.

Gotta say.....

It's all about the half-time show and those never-know-what-to-expect Superbowl commercials for me. Bring on the Budweiser clydesdales please. LOL!

Now if the New Orleans Saints are playing in it along with the above, then I am paradise.

The only other thing to add to both of the above...

If I were on a Bahamas/Caribbean cruise too... That truly would put me in heaven.
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Cheers and here is to cruising on a beautiful day!

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I am over it. Used to love football Sundays until I realized what I was missing out on. There is a whole world happening out there on Sundays. So now I have no chains! LOL
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Originally posted by Cuizer2
Have you considered moving the TV to a different room?
I definitely don't want them selling me something in my bedroom
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Time for the Monday morning quarterback comments! Atlanta Falcons played a great first half, the Patriots outplayed us in the second half. Tried to be hopeful to the end....on to other things